What Should I Draw: Tips For the Beginners

What Should I Draw Tips For the Beginners
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Sometimes, we get the urge to explore whether we have some talent for sketching or drawing. At times, people do feel that they can be good sketchers but are scared to give drawing a try, preventing individuals from developing their talents. But drawing does not have to be complicated as one only needs to get started. For those who want to start and are asking what should I draw, then these are tips to help you find your way in the world of sketching.

What Should I Draw: Don’t Look Far

Contrary to some popular belief, one does not need to go somewhere secluded to be inspired to draw. After all, there are plenty of objects one can easily sketch.

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If you are at home, then take a good look at your place. There are a variety of things one can sketch. You can head to the living area and begin drawing the couch. Take a good look at it, and start sketching. After you are done with the sofa, then start sketching everything you can find in the living room. Once finished, you can sketch them as a whole since you have already practiced drawing each of the items in the room.

If spaces at home do not appeal to you, then look at other corners of the house. Look inside your drawers or even refrigerators and begin sketching what is inside of them.

Step Out

If you feel uninspired to draw from the confines of your home, then step outside. Clearly, the objects inside the house would be different from what you will see outside.

You can sit across a neighbor’s house and begin sketching its facade, or you can even sketch your own home. If you live in a quiet neighborhood, then draw the rows of houses to get you started.

Pets Make Good Models

But perhaps you are the type who wants to sketch something that you love. Then look no further and stare at your pet. After all, you are probably familiar with how the animal looks so that sketching will be easier. Besides, drawing something that is dear to you like your pet might just motivate you to draw correctly and zealously.

Pretty Scenery Might Inspire You

Arguably, artists have different moods and temperament. Some prefer to be in a quiet and secluded place to help them start with their artistic output while others do not mind being in a chaotic environment while doing their sketches.

If you are the type who wants peace and perhaps some open air to get you started in your drawing, then head out to find some lovely and picturesque scenery. This might just inspire you to make great pictures with your pencils.

You can plan on going to some place for your artistic endeavor. One should think carefully about what aspect of nature they would like to draw. Do you like the beach? Or perhaps you enjoy seeing greens like trees and shrubs? Head out and go to the place you desire like a nearby beach or some park with plenty of trees. It does not have to be a far off place. What is important is to choose a location that you would want to draw.

Remember What You Learned In Preschool

There are plenty of things we learned in kindergarten and drawing would be one of them.

Try recalling what you used to draw as a child. Most often, individuals started sketching their homes and their families using solid lines and stick figures to depict their family life just as the teachers asked.

Most people also doodled the sun, stars, clouds, and moon. You could do this again and sketch as if you were a child who was told by the teacher to draw our families, homes or the outside world.

Food Can Keep You Going

If you enjoy good food, then probably you would enjoy sketching them, too.

In this day and age of Instagram, we tend to take a picture of our food and post it on our feeds. Now, why don’t you take out that mobile phone and take a good look at the photos of the food you have taken.

If you are not the type of person who takes photos of the food they eat, especially at restaurants, then look at the Internet. Again, the Instagram is a good place to start looking for pictures of fancy-looking food.

You may also want to think of what you love eating most and search for their photos online. Looking at such images may do more than just make you feel hungry as the activity might inspire you to get started in your drawing.

Just Doodle

One does not have to look at an object, scenery or photos to start sketching. You can simply doodle.

Just grab your pencil and sketching pad or even a scratch paper and doodle whatever comes to mind. Do not be self-conscious and think that your sketch has to make sense or needs to look pretty. Just move that pencil around and allow yourself to sketch whatever your mind wants you to draw.

Tracing Helps

You can start your journey as an artist by tracing pictures. This trick works for those who are doubting their abilities and feel that they need some practice before they can start sketching from scratch.

This task is simple as one only needs a tracing paper, a pencil that’s light enough for tracing and a photo to trace. If you are keen on sketching portraits, then take out a photo of yourself or someone you like. Place the tracing paper on top of the picture and begin tracing.

You might be surprised at how your work closely resembles the original photo. This activity might also give the confidence boost you need to start sketching from scratch.

Just remember that drawing is no rocket science. One does not need to do some heavy math computation or remember formulas to answer the question. “what should I draw?” All one needs is some determination and time to sit down and do some sketching. The images you produce do not have to be perfect for as long as you start drawing until you get better at doing it.

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