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Wanshui Oily Color Pencils Review

Wanshui Oily Color Pencils Review
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For the longest time in the art community, colored pencils have been considered a staple. They offer a brilliant combination of blending ability, color output, and intricacy.

If you do a quick search on any online shopping site, your page will be flooded with countless options from a variety of brands. These brands can range from basic budget-friendly ones to the extremely high-end ones. This leaves people confused about what they should settle for.

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We would recommend settling for a set of colored pencils based on the purpose of use. So, if you are planning to just doodle with them or buying something for your child, then it’s best to stick to the budget-friendly ones. If you are looking for that one, then you’re in luck as we will be doing an in-depth review of a set crafted by Wanshui.

Wanshui Oily Color Pencils

Wanshui is a fairly new brand that is gaining quite a bit of popularity on several online shopping sites. Right off the bat, its enormous 168-count stands out. While this surely catches your attention, it does have several other notable qualities that will interest you.

  • Visual Appeal

As we mentioned earlier, there are 168 colors in this set. That means you have a ton of colors at your disposal.

With so many colors, you would assume that there would be some duplicates in the lot. However, we are pleased to say that each of them is unique. There are specialty colors. Twelve of them are metallic colored pencils, while eight of them are fluorescent colored pencils, and then the rest are of the regular type.

Even if we just focus on the core colors, there are several you can choose from. There are a variety of color shades ranging from purples to browns. There are also a decent number of blues, yellows, off-whites, and several more.

  • Color Output

When it comes to the color output, we found it to be quite vivid. For a large part, this can be attributed to the company’s decision to use an oil core. This core is quite soft, so a simple stroke will remove quite a bit of the core, which results in powerfully deep lines of color.

On the other hand, if you apply lesser pressure, you will find the colors to be more subtle, which is ideal for backgrounds. This versatility is quite an interesting feature.

We did find one issue with this, and that is inconsistency with the core. When you use the pencil and work your way down the core, you may notice that it changes color. While this change is very minimal, it can get a bit frustrating.

  • Usability and Durability

When it came to blending, we have to admit that we were quite impressed. Layering with different pencils was easy, and it also spreads the color over a large area with ease. This is mainly due to the oil core.

For a colored pencil, the core has an average thickness but still can cover a whole lot of the area. At the same time, it is thin enough for the finer details. It is important to note that these pencils have a round barrel and not hexagonal.

In terms of durability, we do believe the pencils could be a bit better, but they weren’t too bad. The lead is quite strong and does not chip easily. Even sharpening the pencil is quite easy.

  • Packing and Presentation

This is one aspect of these colored pencils that we were not too satisfied with, unfortunately. These pencils will come to you in a cheap and flimsy plastic liner which bends easily. This will result in the pencil getting stacked up against each other.

What makes it worse is that instead of all the 168 colors coming in one package, the company has divided this into five different packages. That means you have a lot to keep up with.

While this is disappointing, it is important to remember that this is a budget-friendly set of colored pencils. So, for the price, the packaging being sub-standard is not surprising.

In terms of the pencil’s presentation, it as simple as it can possibly be. Each of them is in a solid barrel. They have “Guang Hui” along with the color number of the pencil stamped in a silver leaf.

We have no clue what Guang Hui stands for, but we assume it may be the actual pencil type. For the most part, the color of the barrel is almost the same color as the core color.


  • Comes with an enormous selection of colors
  • Perfect for those on a budget
  • Offers decent vividness
  • Comes with an oil core
  • Fantastic color output
  • Easy to sharpen


  • Below average packaging
  • Inconsistency with the core
  • Does not come in one package


The Wanshui Oily Color Pencils, which comes in five plastic packs, has undoubtedly garnered quite a bit of attention thanks to the enormous selection of colors, and how budget friendly it is. All of the pencils feature an oil core.

Although the core quality is inconsistent, for basic artwork, these pencils are fantastic. They offer brilliant color output, and the strokes are quite smooth. There are also a couple of metallic and fluorescent colored pencil options in the set.


We compared the Wanshui Oily Color Pencils to the Ccfoud Oily Art Colored Pencils. Once you look at the package label, you can see that the set has a lesser number of pencils. Thus, it also lacks specialty colors.

While these pencils also have an oil core, their color output is strictly average. The good thing, though, is that the lead is resistant to water and UV rays. However, upon applying pressure to the lead, it tends to break easily.

The Verdict

If you are on a budget or are in need of a colored pencil for your child, then we recommend you try out the Wanshui Oily Color Pencils. This set has a whopping 168 color options, including metallic and fluorescent colors. It has fantastic color output and even the overall quality of the pencil is great.

We can assure you that you won’t regret buying the Wanshui Oily Color Pencils.

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