US Art Supply Super Markers Set: Your Reliable Art Buddy

US Art Supply Super Markers Set
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Don’t you just love using markers on your art projects? They are vibrant, pigmented, and very easy to use. You don’t have to learn any special technique in order to start using them; you just hold them as you would your regular pen, and you’re all set.

Aside from that, they are very convenient to use too. You need to use an actual brush and paint in order to get the same deep and highly concentrated color that markers provide, and honestly, brushes and paints can be quite complicated to use (not to mention inconvenient to bring if you’re the type of artist who’s always on the move).

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On the other hand, you just need to throw your markers into your bag, and you’re good to go. They come in a wide range of different colors as well, so there’s no need for you to blend and mix.

If you’re reading this review, then chances are, you are also looking for a great marker set to have. Sets are great since they already come in a huge variety of colors. There’s no need for you to hunt down individual pens and colors anymore.

That’s exactly what the product that we are going to review today has to offer. The Super Markers Dual Tip Marker Set by US Art Supply comes in 40 colors, after all. So, without further ado, let’s get started on the review.

The US Art Supply Super Markers Dual Tip Marker Set

Art has never been this popular in years! And we can all thank social media for that. That’s because these different social media channels have allowed artists from different walks of life to be able to share their work with the world.

Hence, there really is no surprise why different art materials are flooding the market right now—markers among them! With that said, what sets the US Art Supply Super Markers Dual Tip Marker Set apart from the others? Let’s take a closer look at its features to find out.

Key Features

  • 40 Colors Made of Premium Quality Ink

The primary feature of this maker set is, of course, its whopping 40 colors. Can you imagine the different kinds of projects you can use this set on? Drawing, coloring, calligraphy—the list goes on, and you have 40 different color options. This is definitely not your regular markers set.

What we like about this product is not only its wide range of colors but the actual quality of the ink that this product contains. According to the company, each marker holds premium alcohol-based ink. This means that these babies are highly pigmented and saturated. They are also permanent and water-proof.

  • Dual Tip: The Fine Bullet and Chisel

Another feature is that they designed with dual tips. Each marker comes with a fine bullet tip and a chisel tip. The fine bullet tip is great for writing and journaling, details, outlines, and more. On the other hand, the chisel tips are great to use for bolder strokes and lines, faster coloring, and of course, blending.

  • Artist-Friendly Design and Convenience

Finally, we just love how this product was designed! The dual marker pens come in a tri-oval barrel casing. What does that mean? Well, it just means that their pen casing is a bit triangular in design for a more comfortable grip, but is still somewhat softly rounded to ensure that there are no harsh edges. You can draw or color for extended hours, and your hands won’t mind.

What’s great about this design is that it makes their pen roll-proof too. Just put your pen down and never worry that it will just roll off the table.

Finally, this pen set comes with its own storage box. It allows your pens to stand vertically, with their color-coordinated and numbered covers well displayed. Of course, the storage box helps with the clutter too. We all know that any art supply that can organize itself is a godsend!

Now that we have finished laying down its main features, here is a list of its pros and cons:

The Pros

  • Comes in a wide variety of colors
  • Produces vibrant colors
  • Non-toxic, acid-free, smudge-proof, and waterproof
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Comes with a money-back guarantee


  • Can dry out easily if left uncapped
  • Not for people looking for brush pens

A Quick Summary of the Features

The Super Markers Dual Tip Marker Set by U.S. Art Supply is great if you’re looking for a marker set with a wide variety of colors. It comes with 40 different colors, wherein you will enjoy at least two to three different shades of each color.

Moreover, you can use these markers for all your art needs. Outlines and details? No problem. Got wide surfaces to color? Just flip that bullet tip and uncap the other one, and you get a wide, chiseled tip to color that area with ease.

Finally, this marker set is great for artists of all ages. It is non-toxic, water-resistant, and of course, ergonomically designed so that you can color for hours on end without worrying that your hand will hurt.

How does it compare with other markers?

We like the fact that this marker set comes with both a fine tip and chisel tip. This allows the user to create both thin and bold strokes with a single pen, not to mention that, thanks to the chisel tip, you can also use some of these colors (the lighter ones) as highlighters. This makes the pens very useful for students and for those who are into journaling.

However, we do understand that a lot of artists are looking for dual tip markers with brush tips as well. If this is what you’re looking for, then you might want to look at the Dual Tip Brush Pens by Crafty Clownfish. The set comes with forty colors too, just like the Super Markers Dual Tip Marker Set by US Art Supply. But instead of a chiseled tip, it comes with a fine liner tip and a brush tip combo. This set is great for those who are into painting and calligraphy.

The Super Markers set, as what we have already mentioned above, can also be used for calligraphy, but its main strength is for journaling purposes, thanks to its chiseled tip. In the end, it will be entirely up to you to decide which tip combo is best for your personal use.

The Verdict

We have not only listed down the pros and cons of this product; we even went as far as comparing it with a similar marker set in the market. So…what do we think? The U.S. Art Supply Super Markers Dual Tip Marker Set is a quality product which offers a wide variety of highly saturated colors perfect to use for your different art projects—even for both calligraphy and journaling! We definitely recommend it to artists of all ages: from kids to kids-at-heart!

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