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STAEDTLER Premium Quality Drawing Pencil Review

STAEDTLER Premium Quality Drawing Pencil Review
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Any professional needs quality tools to get the job done. In the case of artists, they need their pencils to sketch or draw. But their pens are not the ordinary kinds of pencils. What artists need are quality and high-grade ones that have different grading to it. One of them would be the STAEDTLER Premium Quality Drawing pencil. But just how exactly does it fare?

Choosing a Pencil Set: Learning About Grading and Material

Those who love to draw would know that investing in the proper tools would greatly help in their artistic pursuit. Unfortunately, those who are relatively new to drawing may have a hard time choosing a pencil set to buy as there are plenty of choices on the market.

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There are some considerations when buying a pencil set.

First is the grading. Perhaps, you have noticed the letters H and B on several pencils. In fact, during exams, some schools would tell students to use either HB or 2B pencils. But just what exactly are they?

The H stands for hardness while B is blackness as based on the European style of grading pencils.

The graphite, which is the center of the pencil, is made from a blend of clay and graphite. The proportions of these two materials would determine the grading of the pen. The more clay there is, the harder pencil. On the other hand, blackness depends on the amount of graphite used.

Aside from the grading, one has to know about the marking materials when choosing pencils. Graphite that is blended with clay produces the smoothest strokes.

There are also pencils that are made of solid graphite, which are not encased in wood. These pencils are mostly used to cover big spaces.

On the other hand, carbon pencils are made up of lamp black and clay or either mixed with graphite or charcoal. They are not as smooth as the mixture of graphite and clay, but much more fluid than those made from charcoal.

Charcoal materials produce fuller black images than graphite mixed with clay, and carbon pencils. However, they smudge rather easily.

Shapes Matter, Too

The shape is another thing to keep in mind when choosing a pencil. Contrary to popular belief, pens do not come in round shapes only as they can be in triangular, hexagonal or semi-hexagonal. Some pencil manufacturers also produce pencils in unique shapes such as rectangular, elliptical and even octagonal. Manufacturers can play around the forms of the wooden encasing.

Round-shaped pencils are often used as giveaways because it is easier to print on as well as manufacture metal cases for them. However, it is more difficult to grip a round pen, making it less ideal for those who need to use pencils for hours like artists.

On the other hand, Hexagonal pencils are used when writing because they have well-defined edges, which makes it easier to grip. This shape also prevents constant rolling off from one’s fingers. However, this shape has a downside as it can often cause calluses among frequent users.

The semi-hexagonal pencils are used for sketching or drawing as these pencils have more rounded edges as compared to the hexagonal ones. This means they are less rigid and requires less gripping.

Children who are just learning how to write are better off using triangular pencils as it can teach them how to hold it correctly.

Choosing a pencil may be a daunting task given the things one must keep in mind. However, once a person is familiar with the different kinds of pencil, then the task will be easier.

The STAEDTLER Premium Quality Drawing Pencil: Is It Worth It?

Staedtler has been manufacturing a wide range of writing instruments such as propelling, drafting and professional pencils. They also make engineering drawing gadgets as you would notice if you look at the tools of some professionals like architects.

The STAEDTLER Premium Quality Drawing Pencil promises to let anyone draw, write, sketch and hatch on paper and matte drawing films. The set has 12 pencils that are finely graded in the following grades: 2H, 3H, 4H, H, F, HB, B, 2B, 3B, 4B, 5B, and 6B.

The manufacturer promises break-resistant lead pencils with a super bond lead that lets anyone draw or sketch evenly and sharpen and erase the pencils without much hassle. The set comes with a metal case.


  • Finely graded pencils
  • Break-resistant
  • Can be used on paper and matte drawing films
  • Comes in a metal case


  • Sometimes produces light and bland stroke


This 12-piece STAEDTLER drawing pencil set promises to let anyone sketch or draw without fear of breaking the pencil with its break-resistant lead. Each pencil is finely graded.

Users will have an easy time drawing with them as well as sharpening the pencils and erasing the images drawn using them. However, sometimes the pencils produce bland and too light sketches.


This STAEDTLER pencil set is highly similar to other products on the market like the Kasimir Graphite Sketching Pencils Professional Sketch Pencils Set for Drawing and the Tombo Mono Professional Drawing Pencil Set.

The Kasimir Graphite Sketching Pencils has more in its set as it has 14 pencils. The pencils are made from all-natural and environmentally friendly wood and with a well-defined range of lead hardness. It has the lead centered right in the middle of the wood to prevent breaking while being sharpened. However, users might experience breakage of the pencil while sharpening.

On the other hand, the Tombo pencils boast of being high-density graphite and extra refined encased in high-grade hard cedar wood. Just like Staedtler, the set comes in a metal casing. But the set also includes a plastic eraser and pencil sharpener, two items that are not included in the Staedler pencil set. However, this 12 piece set by Tombo can leave scratches on the paper and is not smudge-proof.


This 12-piece STAEDTLER pencil set promises to be the best friend of those who love sketching with its finely graded pencils. It does not easily break because of its super-bonded and break-resistant lead.

When compared to other similar products on the market, the STAEDTLER’s is much better as it does not break easily nor does it smudge. It may not have the add-ons with the set like an eraser and pencil sharpener, but overall, this product is worth buying.

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