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SoHo Urban Artist Drawing Board Review

SoHo Urban Artist Drawing Board Review
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Drawing boards such as the SoHo Urban Artist Drawing Board evoke a form of melancholic wistfulness that one usually feels as he reminisces memories of young hands feeling the grain of white sheet as he applies gentle strokes using a freshly sharpened pencil. How time flies as lines begin to connect, forming shapes that turn into complicated polyhedrons before shade and shadows are applied to become the masterpiece that they are.

Before computers became programmed with software that can do these things for you, drawing boards were a big hit, most notably to students of art and architecture as it helped them rush assignments and projects while tackling some other portion of their day-to-day life. Students are not the only ones to benefit from drawing boards before as these implements enabled professionals to finish working drawings while on the site so that foremen can be updated ASAP.

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Digital vs. Physical Drawing Boards

Nowadays, we have all kinds of computers with features and software that emulate the drawings boards from the days of yore but with less waste, more or less. The digital age has brought upon miracles that all aim to make everything streamlined and automated with innovations that nobody thought of just a few years ago.

Why Use a Drawing Board?

Drawing boards, even though considered as antiquated and obsolete by modernists, refuse to bow down to their virtual counterparts. Here are some of the reasons why drawing boards are still relevant today amidst the onslaught of digital drawing solutions.


Drawing boards are more reliable as they do not need any software to finish up a drawing. All you need are your hands and your media kit, and you’re good to go.

More Portable

While tablets and laptops are a portable solution, a foldable drawing board can be used even if it’s far from a convenience outlet or if it’s mildly drizzling outside.


Hands down drawing boards are a lot cheaper than their electric counterparts and can even outlast them if given the chance and the proper care.

More Control

Drawing boards let you have more control over what you are drawing, especially with how each line will fall and connect, even with minimal training as compared to a computer-aided drawing software that has a high learning curve.

No Electricity Needed

Camping in the middle of nowhere? It’s okay! You can bring a drawing board along and quit worrying about how you would paint that delightful sunrise plowing across a field of gold.

Let’s now take a look at the mentioned drawing board. We’ll trace its pros and cons as well as compare it other highly similar product on the market.

Features of the SoHo Urban Artist Drawing Board

The SoHo Urban Artist Drawing Board is a fine example of a drawing board that can outlast any software and can produce better results in the long run. Yes, it will require sufficient talent to accomplish, but, as they say, the creation of art is only for those who aim to capture the beauty of nature at its peak.

Smooth Surface

The drawing surface of the SoHo drawing table comes with a smooth maple finish that gives it a classic elegance reminiscent of classical drawing boards.


This professional drawing board lets you transform any table or surface into a drafting table, and it can fold into a thin profile that adds to its portability.

Large Work Area

With its dimension of 19.75 inches x 29.5 inches, the large work area of this drawing board allows you to work on differently sized artworks and drawings, allowing even standard-sized paper to be used for quick edits.

Adjustable Angles

This drawing board comes with five adjustable, angular settings, ranging from 0 to 80 degrees, giving you the right angle when you need it for more stable line construction.


Lightweight at 8.3 lbs., this drawing board is easy to carry around and does not impede your ability to carry other things like brushes and paints as you lug it around.

Bottom Ledge

Typical of drawing boards, the bottom edge of the SoHo drawing board comes with a lip that acts as a sturdy ledge for art tools, sketchbooks, and other implements.


  • Larger than it looks
  • Convenient to use
  • Made of solid wood construction
  • Ideal for desktop use
  • More notches can be added
  • Adjustable drawing surface
  • Sturdy base
  • Easy to store
  • Quick to fold
  • Plenty of space to work on
  • Well-crafted


  • Wood finish has an odd odor
  • The drawing surface is smooth but grainy
  • The support system can be easy to break
  • Heavier than expected


The SoHo Urban Artist Drawing Board is a foldable drawing board that comes with smooth maple finish with a bottom lip that prevents stuff from rolling over and can serve as an area for reference materials and other drawing implements. The back and base of this drawing board are made of solid wood while the drawing surface is made of a hollow composite material.

The drawing surface is attached to a swiveling base that lets you set the angle into one of the five pre-determined angles that let you draw any way you want comfortably. The large surface area allows you to work in any size, using any medium. Even professionals can use this board to make simple edits while on the site.


The Falling in Art Drawing Table has the same features as the SoHo drawing boards, with some differences like:

Drawing Area

This drawing table also sports a large drawing area measuring 29.3 inches x 19.3 inches.

Bottom Lip

The bottom edge of the drawing board has a lip that measures 4/5 of an inch which means it can hold books, gadgets and drawing implements.

Surface Finish

The surface finish of this drawing board is a mix of natural oils on European beech wood.

Adjustable Angle

Adjustable from flat to 80-degrees, the work area swivels on its base to give you the right angle for the right lines.


The SoHo Urban Artist Drawing Board is a bit better than the Falling in Art Drawing Table even if they have slightly similar features. For one, the drawing surface of the SoHo drawing table is much larger by at least a couple of inches in all dimensions while the solid wood base ensures that you can work on it no matter the angle.

The SoHo drawing table’s weight is lighter by at least one lbs, and its foldability makes it more convenient to use. The bottom lips of both tables can hold the same kind of material, equipment and what not, but the SoHo drawing table has one more angle to select, comparing it’s five predetermined angles to Falling-in-Art’s four.

Drawing tables may be some ill-used artifact to some, but their solid construction and convenience of use make them as relevant as ever to artists and architects alike. The smooth surface and sturdy base of any drawing board ensure that whatever masterpiece you decide to work on will indeed become one.

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