Rotring Rapid Pro Mechanical Pencil Review

Rotring Rapid Pro Mechanical Pencil Review
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If you are the kind of person that always carries around a notebook or just someone who uses a pencil regularly or daily, then it is imperative that you have a reliable pencil with you all the time. Of course, you could use a pen, but you will miss that fantastic feeling of lead against paper and the ability to erase for rewriting or correcting.

The best thing you can do is get yourself a high-quality mechanical pencil. These pencils are far superior to a traditional pencil for many reasons, but the most notable ones are that they are easier to use, more durable, and last longer. Keeping this in mind, we reviewed a product that is claimed to be one of the best mechanical pencils today.

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Rotring Rapid Pro Mechanical Pencil

Rotring is a technical writing and drawing instruments company based in Hamburg, Germany. It was established back in 1928 and was initially called Titenkuli Handels GmbH. Their first product was a stylographic pen (a fountain pen but with a narrow steel tube instead of the conventional nib) called the Tintenkuli.

Rot ring is a German word, and it directly translates to red ring. This red ring is still placed around the barrel of the pens today. The company’s name was changed to Rotring back in the early 1970s so that it could match the trademark. All of this company’s products are well-known for their excellent quality and are sold worldwide.


The Rotring Rapid Pro Mechanical Pencil is a fantastic pencil that is smooth and precise. This is ideal whether you just want to doodle in a book or even if you are a professional artist who draws and sketches. The pencil has some interesting features including:

  • Construction

The Rotring Rapid Pro Mechanical Pencil has an all metal construction on its exterior, and the interior is a combination of plastic and metal. The barrel is hexagonal, but the grip area is round while the top of the pencil has a pocket clip and a round push button.

In terms of its look, it has a black satin finish but is also available in a chrome silver color option. The barrel has a smooth texture, whereas the grip has a rough but comfortable texture.

The grip has tiny spiral cross-hatching that provides the surface with a firm grip. It also features the classic red ring that separates the grip from the barrel. The barrel has the brand name along with the pencil size embossed.

  • Sizing

The company offers the Rotring Rapid Pro Mechanical Pencil in three different tip sizes, namely 0.5mm, 0.7mm, and 2.0mm. You can choose a size that works best for you. For the purposes of this article, we focused on the 0.5mm mechanical pencil.

  • The Stats

This mechanical pencil weighs 24.5 grams. It is 144mm when the sliding sleeve is retracted and 148mm when it is extended. This gives the pencil a 4mm lead sleeve.

The pencil has an 8.5mm diameter across the flats along with a 73mm balance point from the extended point. This means that this pencil’s balance point is almost in the center of the pencil, which gives you a better writing experience.

  • Push Mechanism

You will often find the push mechanism in several mechanical pencils to be disappointing and in some cases, even faulty. Thankfully, that’s not the case with the Rotring Rapid Pro Mechanical Pencil.

Rotring has integrated a highly unique push mechanism. This mechanism will give the user more control with the lead transportation. Thus, you no longer need to be worried about the lead just popping out and breaking.

  • Sharpener and Eraser

This mechanical pencil comes with an in-built sharpener placed under the push-button cap. This will help in keeping the lead sharp, which is essential when you have to draw or write. Additionally, an eraser is placed on the top end of the end for easier access when you need to correct an error in your drawing, writing, and more.

  • Warranty

You know you are getting the best of the best since the company offers an impressive warranty on its product. When you purchase this mechanical pencil from Rotring, you will get a two-year warranty with it. This is a warranty against any defects in the materials or workmanship.


  • Smooth and precise
  • Full metal body
  • Has an ideal weight balance
  • Comfortable to hold and use
  • Simple and attractive design
  • Available in two colors
  • Unique push mechanism
  • Controlled lead transportation
  • Has an in-built sharpener
  • Risk-free purchase


  • Occasionally the lead can slide back up
  • Tiny eraser


The Rotring Rapid Pro Mechanical Pencil is a smooth, precise, and long-lasting pencil that is ideal for beginners and professionals. It comes with an all-metal body along with a comfortable non-slip grip.

It features high levels of break resistance for outstanding writing and doodling. It also comes with a unique push mechanism which controls the transportation of the lead. However, there are times that the lead can slide back up.

There is also an in-built sharpener and tiny eraser. Best of all, the company gives a two-year warranty.


Since this mechanical pencil comes from a high-end brand, Rotring, we had to compare it with a mechanical pencil from another high-end brand. We found the Staedtler Mechanical Pencil to be a great competitor.

At first glance, both these pencils look quite similar, but there are quite a few differences which make the Rotring pencil better. For starters, the Staedtler does not have a sturdy built like its counterpart.

It is made from aluminum which does not make it as long lasting. It also lacks an ideal weight balance. Most important of all, it does not come with a unique push mechanism that controls the lead transportation.


The Rotring Rapid Pro Mechanical Pencil is an excellent tool for any budding artist or even a professional. It comes with ample features that make using it an absolute breeze. Its all-metal body ensures that it will easily last you for years.

This is a fantastic pencil, and we recommend you buy it as soon as you can!

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