Quick and Easy Caricature Tutorial

Quick & Easy Caricature Tutorial
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Have you ever been to a shopping center, county fair, art show, or amusement park and seen the caricature booths? They look like lots of fun, right? Drawing caricatures can be a really fun, entertaining way to tap into cartoon drawing. If you have the ability to see the humor and creativity in regular things, here is a quick and easy caricature tutorial to help you exaggerate and distort someone’s image.

Choose Your Subject: Quick and Easy Caricature Tutorial

The first thing you must do is decide who you want to draw. You can draw anyone at all- even pets- as a caricature.

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Gather Your Equipment

Be sure that all of your pencils are sharp and you have a few erasers. Keep in mind that the pencils you use will have an impact on the line quality of your drawings. The line quality of your caricature is critical. You should make sure that your lines vary. After all, flat lines are boring.

You want to have some lines that are thicker and harder and some that are thinner and lighter. For example, thicker, harder lines should be placed under the eyes, mouth, nose, chin, and the outlines of the drawing. On the other hand, softer lines need to be where there are details, such as delicate facial features, wrinkles, or structures.

In addition, varying the thickness of lines will keep them confident and smooth- and will add some life to your drawing and prevent it from appearing boring and lifeless. Varying your lines will add a dynamic appearance to your caricature.


A caricature, by definition, is an exaggeration. To get started, draw a small body. Draw clothes on the person that you think they may wear when doing their favorite hobby. For example, perhaps they hike or do ballet. In this case, you would draw them with either hiking equipment or a tutu and ballet flats.


This is where it can begin to get interesting and funny. Draw a large, oversized head and make sure you exaggerate the shape. For example, if they have a wide forehead, you’ll want to draw it wider than normal. If their nose is big, exaggerate it. Make them look as comical as you can.


At this point, you’ll add some hair to their head. If they have curly hair, then draw it curlier than it really is. Or, if they have long hair, draw it reaching their toes to exaggerate the length.


You’ve heard that eyes are the window to the soul. So, when you draw the eyes, you’ll want to exaggerate certain qualities here too. You can accentuate their eyes by using vibrant colors. If they have long eyelashes, make sure to draw them really long and thick.


As we have said, a caricature is an exaggeration. So, when you draw the subject’s nose, no matter what shape it is, you’ll want to exaggerate it. Since the basic shape is fairly straightforward, you’ll want to take note that it’s either going to be lumpy or straight and large or small. Whatever combination it is, you’ll want to exaggerate as much as possible.


When you start on drawing their mouth, you’ll want to pay attention to how far it is from their nose. The mouth of the caricature always begins with the subject’s lips- which will be plump, straight, or thin and the shape will determine the exaggeration you use on them. When it comes to your subject’s teeth, if their teeth are straight, overexaggerate that. On the other hand, if their teeth are rather large, you’ll want to draw them with an obvious overbite or buck teeth.

Drawing caricatures is a fun and entertaining art form. Plus, it’s a great way to break into the world of cartooning. So, if you have the ability to see the funny in the mundane things of life, caricature is definitely something you might be interested in pursuing.

If you are interested in learning to draw caricatures, you should keep this quick and easy caricature tutorial in mind to get started. Of course, you’ll want to seek more training- such as classes (online or in person), books, and so much more. Be sure to study work from some of the more famous caricaturists while you’re at it. However, don’t try to copy someone else- you must develop your very own style.

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