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Qianshan Pencil Case Holder Review

Qianshan Pencil Case Holder Review
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Pens, colored pencils, and highlighters are good to look at especially when they are well kept and properly organized. Good thing there are available pencil cases that perfectly fits your writing and drawing tools. They come in different sizes and styles to fit in your needs as well as your personality.

Check out the Qianshan Pencil Case Holder, an amazing case that combines functionality and fashion in one!

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Qianshan Pencil Case Holder

This top quality, multilayer, and stylish pencil case bag from Qianshan is a must-have for students, workers, and artists. It keeps your pens, colored pencils, markers, and other tools well-organized and safe. Truly, this is a perfect gift for your loved ones on special and even ordinary days.


  • Standout Durability

This zippered pencil case bag is made from strong polyester Oxford fabrics available in the market. They are guaranteed to last longer and never wear out or rip off easily. It comes with high-quality zipper closures that will not easily break even with frequent use.

  • Highly Versatile

The multi-purpose case is great for school, office, and gallery use. It can hold several arts and crafts supplies including various colored pencil brands, watercolor pencils, gel pens, and markers. There is an allotted spot that can hold erasers and sharpeners.

Also, the Qianshan pencil case can be used as a makeup bag as it is compatible to keep cosmetic brushes.

  • Elastic Holders

Each of the slots or compartments comes with an elastic band that can fit in and holds your pens and pencils in place. They allow easy placement and removal of your tools.

  • Multilayered and Spacious

This pencil case has a total of five layers, each of the middle three layers come with double sides of elastic holders.

The inner compartments consist of seven 3-centimeter slots and one 4-centimeter slot that can hold up to 25 pencils on each side, while the two outer layers come with elastic holders of six 3-centimeter slots and two 4-centimeter slots can store a maximum of 25 pencils on each side.

The pencil case also provides a roomy space for your erasers along with a safer slot for your sharpeners.

  • Well-Organized Slots

It comes with different sizes of pencil slots making organization a lot easier. The 3-centimeter slots can hold 2-3 pencils or 1-2 gel pens while the 4-centimeter slots can hold 3-4 pencils or 2-3 gel pens. This will allow you to group your tools according to their color family.

Overall, this large pencil organizer can store up to 202 colored pencils or 136 gel pen markers.

  • Portable and Convenient

The Qianshan pencil case comes with a handle-strap design. This allows a very easy and convenient way to carry your writing and drawing tools anywhere you go.

  • Stylish Design

The pencil case comes with very chic and stylish colors and designs. You can choose from blossom, coffee, fresh, purple, sketch, and leaf design.

  • Customer Care

The manufacturer has got you covered as they offer a full refund and  a 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • Large and multilayered pencil organizer
  • Elegant and versatile design
  • Highly durable
  • Portable and easy to carry


  • May tend to be a bit bulky
  • Handbag style only


The Qianshan pencil case holder is a stylish, durable, and multipurpose organizer for your writing and drawing tools. It is designed to hold up to 202 pencils with elegance and versatility. Its Oxford fabric cover and high-quality zipper closure ensure sturdiness through time.

This multi-purpose organizer does not only function as a pencil case but also as a makeup bag. It can be easily carried and conveniently transported anywhere due to its handle strap. You can carry it with class or place it in your backpack.

Others may find it a bit bulky, but considering the number of tools that it can store, it is still a good choice for organizing your stuff.

Comparison with Another Product

The Qianshan Pencil Case Holder is highly comparable to Toogood Storage Tote Bag as they both aid to proper organization of your pens, markers, and other supplies. They both offer large capacity, multi-purpose, and portable organizers.

Both have an extremely large capacity that can hold numerous tools. While the Qianshan Pencil Case Holder can store up to 202 colored pencils, the Toogood Storage Tote Bag can hold 130 markers and pens with its inter-layer main pocket. This will allow you to organize your pen in a color-coordinated manner. It also comes with a net pocket to hold highlighters and erasers, a back pocket for your papers and other painting needs, and two side pockets that can store your other belongings.

These storage cases also work in the most versatile way. Other than pencil cases, both can be made and converted into makeup kits. As an additional feature, the Toogood bag can be customized using Velcro pieces making it suitable to hold cameras and other gadgets.

The Qianshan case comes with a handbag style while the Toogood bag can be worn in three ways – shoulder bag, crossbody bag, or handbag style. With its adjustable and detachable strap, you can conveniently convert it to whatever style you like.


After the head to head comparison between Qianshan Pencil Case Holder and Toogood Storage Tote Bag, a verdict as to which is better was made.

The Qianshan Pencil Case Holder seems to stand out due to its more durable construction especially when it comes to holding your pens and colored pencils. It has slots that come with elastic bands to firmly hold your tools in place. You are guaranteed that your stuff is always in order and are protected against damages.

Despite its larger capacity and bigger storage, this pencil case gives a more portable look allowing you to carry it with ease and comfort. Lastly, the manufacturer’s money back guarantee offer gives consumers better satisfaction and security.

If you feel that you are more in need of a carry bag or a desk holder, then the Toogood Storage Tote Bag may be a good choice for you as it will allow you to pick up and put back your stuff easily.

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