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Missyee Light Box Pad: A Review  

Missyee Light Box Pad
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Tracing is one of the easiest and quickest ways of getting a picture right. Every artist, graphic designer and even someone who likes to draw for fun, enjoy tracing. However, in order to get the job right or if you are doing it on a professional level, it is imperative that you have a good lightbox pad with you.

The pad is capable of providing enough illumination for the person who is tracing the drawing. However, that is not the only purpose as most light pads also serve as a portable X-ray, slide viewer, and photo negative enhancer.

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If you need a good lightbox pad, but don’t know which one to choose from the number of brands available, then you are in luck. In this article, we will be doing an in-depth review of the Missyee Light Box Pad.

Missyee Light Box Pad Features

The Missyee Light Box Pad is a great device for those in need of enough illumination for tracing. This pad is available in three sizes which are A3 DC 1, A4 DC 1, and A4 DC 2. The one, in particular, we are reviewing is the A3 DC 1.

This product has a DC adapter and is made out of acrylic or organic glass panel. The outside dimension of this product is 18 by 15 inches, while the active work area’s dimensions are 17 by 13 inches, which is an ample place for you to draw on. The illumination is adjustable with the help of the intelligent touch control. In addition, the light source comes from an environmentally protected LED.

The most important aspect of any good lightbox pad is that it should be well-lit and have an ultra-thin design. Thankfully, this light pad features both of these. The light pad has an amazing ultra-slim design which makes it easy to carry around and travel with. Although this product is stylish, it was still designed for practical use. Its minimalistic design makes this light pad convenient for its users.

You will not need to worry about this product ever dying on you because it has a very long-lasting battery life. The company claims that this product offers you 50,000 work hours. It provides a ton of illumination—thanks to the powerful backlight. So, you will no longer need to squint anymore to do or see your work.

For quick and easy access, there is an on-and-off button, also an adjustable lighting switch wherein you can choose how bright or dull you want it to be. Altogether, there are three different brightness levels, and they have featured a special technology that makes the light easy on your eyes if you are working on it for a long time.

Additionally, the border, which has measurements, will make it easy to measure out things when you need to draw. The measurements are in centimeters which are placed on the top and on the left-hand side to make things easier for you.

Unlike cheap lightbox pads which tend to slip off from the table while you try to draw on them, this will not at all be a concern on this lightbox pad. That is because the pad comes along with an anti-slip mat which keeps it stable as you draw and makes it convenient in the process.

In addition to tracing, this product is excellent even for stenciling, calligraphy, 2D animation, tattoo transferring, sewing clothes, X-ray viewing and the likes.

Upon buying this product, you will also get an adapter, 15 to 20 sheets of tracing paper, a silver and blue binder clip, and a non-woven bag.


  • Offers up to 50,000 working hours
  • Is available in three different sizes
  • Has a massive active work area of 17 by 13 inches
  • The light source is derived from an environmentally friendly and protected LED.
  • Three different levels of brightness
  • Extremely light in weight
  • Ultra-slim body—only eight millimeters to be precise
  • Easy on the eyes even if you work on it for long
  • Has measurements on the top and left side of the pad in centimeters
  • Comes with complimentary accessories


  • The product sometimes gets shipped with the wrong type of charger.
  • The charger does not sit too tightly on the product.
  • The power button can malfunction a couple of times.


The Missyee Light Box Pad is a perfect device for artists who trace and draw on a regular basis. The extremely bright light can be adjusted at three different levels. Additionally, it comes in three different sizes and is capable of offering up to 50,000 working hours. It has an ultra slim, eight-millimeter body, making it easy to carry around and has measurement markings on the top and the left side of the product. You also get complimentary items when you buy this light pad.


When compared to the Huion A3 Light Box Pad, the Missyee Light Box Pad definitely has a larger active work area. Likewise, it also provides longer working hours and has more levels of brightness. In addition, it lacks the special technology that the Missyee has which puts less strain on the eyes if you use it for long. It also comes in just two sizes.

Further, you do not get the complimentary add-ons from the Huion Light Box Pad unlike its counterpart, and it also lacks the anti-slip mats which prohibit the pad from slipping from the desk while you are working.


The Missyee Light Box Pad is a perfect device for upcoming and experienced artists. This device will provide you with a ton of illumination in three different levels for the perfect trace. Moreover, you will get up to 50,000 working hours from this lightbox.

There are measurements on this pad which helps you achieve accurate markings, and even the light source comes from an environmentally friendly and protected LED. You will absolutely love how slim this is and how easy to carry it around. We can say with great certainty that you will love this product.

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