Huion vs. Wacom: Which Drawing Tablet to Choose?

Huion vs. Wacom Drawing Tablet -
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Whether you are an amateur or an experienced artist, you are surely wondering about the differences between Huion and Wacom and which one is better. Drawing tablets come as great benefits for artists because they successfully complement or even substitute your mouse when you draw. Any creative professional nowadays believes that a drawing tablet is absolutely indispensable in their work.

What Does Wacom Offer?

Generally speaking, the decision over which one is better will be down to you in the end, as many of these aspects can really be down to personal factors. For instance, some people might argue that Wacom drawing tablets are of better quality and more durable than Huion. That being said, none of the two products should be dropped or mistreated in order to last for a long time.

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Wacom comes with a wide range of battery-free products, both tablets, and stylus. As for Huion, their range is much more limited – their products require either frequent recharging or AAA batteries. This might become cumbersome if you practice a lot or if you are a professional.

Wacom’s battery-free drawing tablets are more convenient and comfortable. You do not need to frequently stop your working to recharge or replace the batteries. If the pen is completely battery-free, you do not need to worry about interrupted workflow and potentially losing your inspiration.

Another important feature of a high-quality drawing table is the parallax effect. This effect occurs when the pen tip on the drawing table looks different when you actually draw. The parallax effect happens on the screen of tablets. In other words, Wacom drawing tablets come with zero parallax, or the line drawn by you is exactly under the tip of your pen.

Huion still has not produced any tablet with zero parallax. This aspect is important because the drawing can be inaccurate since the tip of your pen and the drawn line are not synchronized.

Wacom comes with lots of innovations that make their products stand out of the crowd and extremely competitive. Some of their new, top of the line products include the Cintiq Pro that is a new generation product, and they also have the express key remove, a new feature that they innovated.

Furthermore, Wacom drawing tablets also experience less latency. Latency refers to the delays you experience in your animations when you draw. This can happen on any type of tablet, but it is the most cumbersome on screen tablets. This is because these tablets display the brush lag as you move your pen. Most users claim that Wacom tablets have much less latency compared to Huion.

Both Huion and Wacom have tablets that allow for detailed customization. This process might not be of much interest to amateurs, but is surely a cause of interest for many professionals. Wacom comes with program-specific shortcut keys; this means that you can make specific keys on your tablet to perform different functions.

The main difference between Huion and Wacom is that the latter allows you to make such customizations based on what program you use, while the first one allows you to customize the key the same way for all programs.

Lastly, Wacom allows its users to tap different keys at the same time and have two functions that occur at the same time. For instance, if you want to undo your last change and also change the brush, you can press the two designated keys at the same time and both changes take place at the same moment. This is called anti-ghosting and is a unique feature for Wacom products.

Advantages of Huion Drawing Tablets

If you are an amateur or you are on a budget, you might prefer Huion over Wacom. The first benefit comes with its affordability. Because of this feature, Huion can be a low-budget option for you to try out drawing.

Another feature would be the pen pressure. Highly affordable tablets, as low as under $100, come with high pen pressure that eases your job. On the other side, some beginners might not find it easily adjustable.

What Are The Features That Really Matter?

That being said, the differences between Huion and Wacom can easily be explained through premium pricing that matches the premium qualities. This means that you can check both Huion and Wacom, and you will be showered with different models that can hardly be compared to each other since they are all unique in their own ways.

Regardless of what you choose, you need to pay attention to a few characteristics. The size of the tablet is perhaps the biggest factor when it comes to pricing as a larger surface is associated with a higher price tag. If you are a beginner, choosing an affordable Huion drawing tablet with a reasonable size might be the best choice. Ideally, it should be a minimum of 10 inches on the long size; this means it is close to the size of a sheet of paper.

When it comes to pressure sensitivity, Huion scores high, but both brands have very good pressure sensitivity levels. This means that you should pay less attention to this factor.

For amateurs, the resolution measured in LPI (lines per inch) should also not be a reason for concern because any new Huion or Wacom product comes with great resolution.

Wrapping Up

There are also factors that depend on your skill level or personal preferences – such as buttons, multitouch, connectivity and battery, and even customer service. Perhaps the greatest difference between the two brands is the price point that also attracts other features.

Keeping in mind that Wacom is twice or three times more expensive than Huion, it is safe to make a strong case that these products are best for professionals or people who want to make a career out of their drawing skills.

If you are an amateur or you simply want to start drawing, Huion can be a great starting point. They have great quality drawing tablets with unbelievable prices that will help you boost your skills in no time!

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