How to Use Ipad as Drawing Tablet

How to Use Ipad as Drawing Tablet
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The iPad is one of the Apple products that is loved by many all across the globe. Now, we all know that this device is way pricier than other tablets. Why? That’s because it is packed with advanced features that you would expect from a desktop.

While many use the iPad for storing files, surfing the internet, or binge-watching on Netflix, it can also be used for drawing. Don’t know how to use iPad as drawing tablet? We’ve got you covered, bud!

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A Brief History of the iPad

Why do many prefer Apple products? Among the reasons is the operating system and hardware that make them unique and user-friendly. You can also expect Apple products to be built with design and unquestionable quality. Among these products are the iPods, iPhones, Apple TVs, Apple watches, MAC, and of course, the iPads.

Apple has been experimenting with designing tablets since 1993. With the combined knowledge of their experts, they have come up with the revolutionary device called the iPad.

The iPad was first introduced in January of 2010 and was released on the market in April of the same year. The first-ever iPad was 0.5 inches thick and weighed 1.5 pounds, making it thinner and lighter than a laptop or notebook but functions like a desktop computer.

Now with more than 140,000 available apps, the iPad’s amazing features and specifications is undeniable. These apps can be downloaded from the App Store either for free or for a small fee. Today, Apple continues to innovate advanced technologies while consistently doing enhancements and adding features on its major products.

What Is the iPad Used For?

Although there are now hundreds of tablets available from different brands, iPad users remain loyal to Apple products. This is mainly because of their simplicity and ability to do many things at the same time.

While iPads are released in different generations with varying memory and storage capacities, all of them offer video and music streaming, among others. It can also be used for various business management tasks. Let’s talk more about its features and what they are used for below.

  • Video and Movie Streaming

Perhaps the most popular activity that one does with his iPad is binge-watch shows and movies on Netflix and YouTube! Then again, who doesn’t have these on all of their gadgets anyway?

  • Music Streaming

Apple has its own music media player where you can listen to all types of genre from the classics to pop songs. You can also use it to organize your multimedia files. However, if you prefer something else for music streaming, you can also download Spotify on your iPad.

  • Reading Books

There are many e-reader apps that you can download from the App Store if you want to enhance your reading experience. Plus, you can store as many books as you like whether for day or night time reading without filling in your shelves with actual books.

  • Email Messaging

In this modern age, it is way easier to create and send an email than it was before. You just need to download email apps like Gmail, Hotmail or Apple’s iCloud to access your mail, and that’s it!

  • Schedule Planning

With an iPad, you can set your events and appointments in your calendar or reminder app ahead of time so you won’t miss any of it. Utilize it so you can keep your day-to-day schedule organized and productive.

  • Web Browsing

If you’re searching for the best Mexican restaurant around the city, simply type it in Safari’s search bar, and it will give you tons of result. You can also use it for browsing websites, social media platforms, and other stuff that you want to know about.

  • Social Media Networking

Facebook, Twitter, IG are platforms where we find new and old friends, follow our favorite Hollywood celebrity’s account, watch trending videos, and what-not. You can even upload and post your saved pictures from your iPad in your own social media accounts. In fact, these social media apps are being used for marketing purposes for businesses too.

  • Gaming

If you’re into video games, you can download as many games as you like from the App Store. After all, it’s more fun and entertaining when you’re playing The Sims in your iPad with a bigger screen and in HD. Plus, you can take it anywhere too!

  • Sketching or Drawing

If you’ve got skilled hands and you like to draw a lot, set aside your drawing pad because you can also do your art on your iPad. This is probably among the most interesting things that you can do on your device.

How to Use iPad as Drawing Tablet

If you’re used to creating your masterpieces with a drawing pad, know that you can also create your artwork using an iPad. There are numerous apps that you can use for creating and editing your drawing in digital form; all you need to do is download them. Don’t worry; you’ll also see the materials that you’re using for your hand-drawn art in these apps.

So, how to use iPad as drawing tablet? Like many others before you, you’re probably thinking that using an iPad is too complex to use for drawing. Fear no more because it’s very easy to do!

Here’s how you can use your iPad as a drawing tablet:

  • Look for apps that allow you to draw, edit, and of course, save your work. You can download some apps for free but with limited access, while premium subscription enables all features. However, it may cost you a little too much.

We suggest that you start with simple and easy-to-use apps that allow you to paint and draw. In this way, you can practice making your art using this media.

  • Ready your Apple Pencil because you’ll surely need it when you start to draw. Make sure that it’s paired with your device. Otherwise, it won’t work. Lucky for you, there are now other brands of stylus pens for drawing that are compatible with iPads.

Final Thoughts

The iPad was commonly used just for browsing, playing games, and updating social media platforms. Who would’ve thought that it indeed offers a range of features and uses?

The device allows you to level up your skills in drawing in digital form. You can actually use it to make your artwork look more realistic. Why not make the most out of it?

There are many apps available in the App Store for beginners and pros that you can mess around with. You just need to familiarize yourself with the app since you’ll be using digital brushes, inks, and what-not.

One advantage of using an iPad for drawing is you can undo or erase any imperfections you see on your work. You’ll do good in time depending on how often you use your iPad for drawing and how much time you spend for practice.

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