How to Draw Anime: A Guide for Manga and Art Enthusiasts

How to Draw Anime: A Guide for Manga and Art Enthusiasts
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Anime is a specific form of animation that originates from Japan, and many people are into it. There are various ways in which anime lovers express their enthusiasms including drawing anime characters. As such, we will show easy methods and techniques on how to draw anime characters and plots.

Sketching an anime character can be a tricky task especially for beginners. It is like going through the adventure that the character journeys through. Once you learn the tricks on drawing anime, you can sketch whatever you wish and be free to experiment on various plots for your favorite anime.

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How to Draw Anime Starting with Two Important Aspects

Even if you already have the ability to draw properly, creating an anime character is still a tricky task. It can be too difficult that you might want to give up, but don’t stop just yet!

Before you learn the methods and tricks, here are the two most important aspects of designing anime and manga characters:

  1. Consider how the anime will look like from all angles and points of view. More likely, you need to draw it from several views multiple times, and any anime character must have a realistically simple design. It can be challenging and time-consuming when drawing complex character numerous times.
  2. An anime sketch is different from other forms of sketches or drawing. In the standard sketch, you only consider the appearance from one angle. Meanwhile, the anime has a look that comes from various angles. A detailed character profile and vibrant colors also characterize them.

Step-by-step Guide on Drawing Anime Characters

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced one, drawing an anime can really get tricky. The finished sketches seem like easy to do, but they’re not. Here are the easy-to-follow methods on how to draw anime characters:

1. Determine the profile of the anime character you wish to sketch.

Think of the kind of character you are planning to draw. Include even the tiniest of details such as the accessories, weapons, or clothing that helps show what kind of character or who they are. For example, if you decide on drawing a humanoid, some minimum but important details should include the age, personality, and occupation. These details can be the basis for the anime sketch.

2. Begin with rough character sketches

One major thing that beginners fail to consider is the rough sketches from which the realistic-looking anime drawing begins. These rough sketches can be from any view or pose you plan to show.

Draw from the particular angle that best shows off the personality and mood of the anime character. For your first try, do at least some close-up drawings or full-body profiles.

When sketching, draw the least details. Avoid making complicated designs. You can do it later on when your sketch looks too plain.

When drawing a specifically huge or tiny character, draw them beside an average-sized object or character to emphasize their size and to get a good idea of their dimensions.

3. Improve the Character Design

Further develop the anime by sketching it from various angles such as from the back, front, and sides. When necessary, draw from additional points of view.

As a result, you will have multiple, all-around sketches of the anime character. They are practically useful as a future reference when sketching the same character.

One biggest challenge when drawing multiple perspectives is keeping them aligned and consistent. To maintain proportion and aligned views, use one body part of the anime as your reference when drawing other body parts in different views.

4. Color the Anime Character

Manga usually comes in black-and-white, but colored characters also exist especially in the covers, posters, and digital platforms. When you need to color your anime sketch, carefully think of the specific colors. Some colors go better together and complement each other than the others.

The colors that you pick should be appropriate to the character. Some colors convey particular moods. For instance, the red color is considered warm while blue is seen as a cool color, so for anime that uses ice as power, color it with blue instead of red.

Useful Tips to Draw Anime for Beginners

Knowing some essential tips such as the ones listed below helps you learn more about sketching an anime character. They also inform you about the common mistakes to avoid and factors to consider to emphasize and show-off sketch details and features.

  • Learn about real anatomy: Even though they sometimes convey exaggerated body features, anime sketches should still look realistic. This is achieved by correctly putting the body parts together. This applies to any stylized art, and to accomplish this, learning about real human anatomy is helpful and essential.
  • Look at the works of professional anime artists, but don’t copy them: When you copy other artists, you will also imitate their flaws and unique style. To avoid being an exact copy of someone else, determine their specific styles that you like and study why you like it. By doing so, you will develop a unique style of your own.
  • Be open to criticisms: While criticisms sometimes hurt, accept them as an opportunity to learn. Take each critique as valid even if it is said in an impolite manner. Learn from them, but they should not stop you from what you want to do and improve on.
  • Avoid believing in positive comments: The positive comments, especially the ones coming from friends and family often stop the beginner from improving on their works. Too much positive feedback is negative and makes the beginner feel satisfied with the work that stops them from learning more.
  • Do not avoid difficult features: Hands and feet are two of the most challenging features of an anime character. Some beginners try to hide it, so they don’t have to sketch it. Wrong! At least try to sketch it even though it looks awful at first. You will eventually improve and be able to create them correctly.


It takes a lot of hard work and patience to improve on sketching an anime. Keep practicing even though they appear to be funny at first. Over time, you will be trained to sketch effortlessly and be able to draw any anime you wish.

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