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GHB 17pcs Paintbrush Set Product Review

GHB 17pcs Paintbrush Set Product Review
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Any professional would tell you that it is essential to have the proper tools and equipment to get any job done. In the case of artists, it is important to have well-functioning materials such as pencils, paints, brushes and marker pens, to name a few. Painters take the time to find out the best brushes that will make their lives easier. If you are an artist, particularly a painter, then you may want to consider buying the GHB 17pcs Paintbrush Set.

Choosing the Right Brushes: Shapes Do Matter

Arguably, finding the correct paint brushes can be a tedious task because they come in different shapes and sizes. Plus, there are plenty of brushes on the market, which may overwhelm the buyer. Unless you have been painting for quite some time now, then it’s best to learn about the different shapes of paint brushes first, is it not?

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Round brushes are often used for detailed work, outlining, sketching, and filling in of small areas and controlled washes. These brushes mostly work with thin paint instead of thick ones.

There is also the pointed, rounded ones that are a bit narrower than the usual round brush. It also has a sharp pointed tip. This kind of brush is used for delicate areas, fine lines and details, retouching and spotting.

The flat brushes have medium to long tips and have a square end. It is best for filling wide spaces, bold strokes, impasto, and washes. One can use its edge to create stripes, straight edges, or even fine lines. If one wants to do some varnishing, then the flat brush is the one to use.

On the other hand, a flat brush has its hair spread and is flat. It is often used by painters for feathering, blending and smoothing of paints. If one aims to have better textural effects, then flat brushes with synthetic hairs are the brush to use.

The bright brushes are flat and have edges that are curved inward at the tip. Its hair is usually short. This brush type is best used for some thick or heavy coloring and shore and controlled strokes. Painters often work close to their canvasses when using this brush.

The filbert brush has an oval-shaped end, is flat and has medium to long hairs. They are best used for painting soft- rounded edges, blending and fine detailing. It works like a round brush except it can cover more spaces.

The Merits of the GHB 17pcs Paintbrush Set

The GHB 17pcs Paintbrush Set promises to be the perfect companion for artists regardless of their levels as these brushes can be used for a wide range of paints. The set has 15 brushes with different tips including angle, fan, rigger, filbert, round and flat. They also come in different sizes.

The handles are long, and the shafts are durable and sturdy. The brush sizes are as follows: Sizes 8 and 15 for filberts, sizes 12 and 13 for angle brush, sizes 9 and 11 for bright brushes, sizes 10 and 14 for flat brush, size 7 for rake brush, size 3 for fan brush, sizes 2, 4, 6 for round brushes and size 1 for liner brush.

The brush set comes with a zipped-up carrying case while the easel display case makes it perfect for those who will bring the set to their travels. The case can also be used as a drying stand after washing the brushes.

The manufacturer recommends cleaning the paint brushes with warm soapy water and rinsing them after. Users should also reshape the bristles using their fingers, and let the brushes dry before storing them again.

Aside from the brushes and the carrying case, the set comes with a paint knife and a watercolor sponge.


  • Long handles for easy use
  • Wide range of brush type and sizes
  • Comes with zipped-up carrying case
  • Comes with paint knife and watercolor sponge


  • Doesn’t produce a smooth finish on paper


This paintbrush set by GHB promises to help artists produce great images with its high-quality brush and long handles. The brushes can be used for watercolor painting, acrylic painting, and face painting.

The set contains 15 brushes with different tips, particularly including angle, fan, rigger, filbert, round and flat, as well as in different sizes.

The package comes with a durable, zipped-up carrying case, a knife paint, and a watercolor sponge.


The GHB brush set is highly similar to other products on the market like the Leokor 15 pieces paint brush set and the Bennici 15 Artist Paint Brush Set. All three provides a carrying case as well as a paint knife and watercolor sponge.

All three provide brushes in different sizes and shaped-tips. The three products also promise to give users an easy time in washing the brushes.

However, the GBH is slightly at a disadvantage as it does not provide the money-back guarantee, unlike the two others. The Leokor paint set has 90-days money-back guarantee as well as a 24-months replacement warranty. Similarly, Benicci has the 60-day money back guarantee and one-year replacement warranty.


This 17-piece brush set from GHB promises to give painters an easy time in their hobby or profession with its 15 pieces of brushes in different shapes and sizes. Just be careful not to be misled as the set only has 15 pieces as the manufacturer counted the knife paint and watercolor sponge in its count of 17 pieces.

The handles are long enough to let painters hold the brushes comfortably. It also comes with a zipped-up carrying case made of nylon.

However, experienced painters may be disappointed with the brush tips as sometimes they don’t paint as smoothly. When compared to other products, the GHB set is highly similar although it does offer any money-back guarantee and warranty replacement, unlike other manufacturers.

Overall, the GHB brushes are still worth trying because of their durability as well as the range of sizes and shapes they offer. However, be prepared not to get a refund or a replacement if you are unhappy with the product or if it has broken down as the manufacturer does not offer any refund or replacement

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