Getting Started As an Artist: How Much To Charge For a Caricature Drawing?

Getting Started As an Artist How Much To Charge For a Caricature Drawing
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They say that one of the best ways to make good money is to find a job that you enjoy. This is why many talented persons pursue their passion and make a living out of them. Artists, for example, get commissioned works and are paid handsomely for a job well done. If you are a rookie artist and want to start freelancing, then you can start by making caricatures. But first, one must learn the basics including how much to charge for a caricature drawing.

Freelancing for Illustrators

These days freelancing are not as difficult as compared to previous decades. This is because the Internet has made it easy to broadcast to the world, particularly to potential clients on what the freelancer can do.

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For artists, it is now easy to show to everyone their portfolio. They can come up with their websites to show their finished work or even blogs to promote them. Social media too is a potent marketing tool to get new people to buy their finished work or to get a new contract. Instagram and Facebook can surely help in both getting clients and finding suppliers like artists.

Many talented individuals are passionate about drawing but only do it as a hobby. Many of these people have their full-time jobs but often wonder how it is like to do their sketching full time. Some of them are also considering on doing work on the side such as after office or during weekends.

Many of these artists want to try their hand at business by doing caricatures for starters. But many of them do not know how to get started as they have no idea on how much to charge for a caricature drawing.

The ABCs of Getting Started

There is a big market for caricature drawings. After all, not everyone can dabble in caricature making. Freelancers who draw such pictures have a wide range of clients who ask them for events, corporate giveaways or personal gifts. A really talented artist who is diligent and can promote his or her work properly will probably never run out of work.

If you are about to start your journey as a freelance artist then making caricatures is an excellent way to start. If you have the talent, then the next step is to determine your rates for each drawing.

One of the first things to consider before handing out your rates is your experience. Keep in mind that just like with most jobs, there is a premium for being a seasoned or a veteran. This means that if you are still starting out and have little in your portfolio, then it is best to charge a low fee. Charging way more when you are starting out may give you zero clients.

A rookie in the world of freelancing as an illustrator or artist must start by researching on the competitors. One must take the time and effort to know the usual fees in the community or area. This can be done by visiting physical shops or the websites of other artists to know how much they charge. Keep in mind that those with impressive portfolios will bill higher, and as such it is best to study how much both the experienced and newbies are charging for their artwork.

Another way of getting started in determining your fees is to look at ads to know how much clients are willing to pay for caricature. Sometimes message boards or ads also contain the budget of clients for their needed cartoon. If you have a friend who has been doing this for quite some time, then ask what is the reasonable fees to ask for each drawing.

Again, be realistic and do not charge as much as the seasoned artists when you are still starting out. You may want to give competitive rates to get clients to provide you with projects.

How Much To Charge For a Caricature Drawing: Other Considerations

Now that you have a fairly good idea on the market rates for caricature artists, it is time to know about other factors in pricing.

For one, you might want to consider the medium to be used in doing the caricature. For example, would you be doing the caricature using a pen and a paper? Or would you be using a drawing tablet for the artwork?

Keep in mind that the usual pen and paper caricatures usually costs less than digital ones. This is because for starters there is the capital expense, namely the drawing tablet, to be recovered. The tablets are more expensive than the pencils and papers and as such one has to figure the recovery of this gadget in the pricing mechanism.

Also, unlike the paper drawings, digital caricatures can be replicated. When accepting a digital drawing project, make sure to add some premium for the digital copies. Clients can easily duplicate your artwork, and as such, it is reasonable to ask for a separate price for the digital copies you will be handing out.

One must also consider the details of the caricature particularly, whether the project involves some coloring. Ask the client whether it is pure sketching or if it requires adding some color. If it is the latter, then you can charge a bit higher than just mere sketching rates as this task also requires time and effort.

If you are selling yourself as a live caricature artist that can do the sketches during events, then you must charge an hourly rate. Of course, tell the clients how many sketches you can make an hour, and ensure that you provide a figure that you can deliver. One hour of caricature drawing during events can fetch a freelancer hundreds of dollars, but only if the artist can perform as expected.

Clearly, talented individuals who want to make a living by working on their passion can do so and earn handsomely by being freelancers as well. Aside from talent, knowing how freelancing works including charging the right fees are crucial for a successful business venture. And those passionate on drawing can begin their journey by doing caricatures for starters.

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