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EVACH Active Stylus Digital Pen Review

EVACH Active Stylus Digital Pen Review
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What is a stylus pen used for? While you may feel fancy using one just for writing notes, the truth is, this device was invented for a list of reasons. One is to increase the accuracy when you type or draw on your tablet or smartphone.

If you love the arts, then you have probably done some of your work from your tablet or wish you can. For that, you can use a stylus pen to help get things done. Imagine how neat and clean your finished product would be.

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Not all stylus pens you see in shops and online are of good quality. If you are looking for one, then we’ve got you covered. Here, we’ll take a close look at the EVACH Active Stylus Digital Pen.

EVACH Active Stylus Digital Pen

Creative people are known to give their 100% for every artwork that they take on. This is the reason why there are very particular with the features and overall quality of the tools that they use, such as a stylus pen.

For this, EVACH has manufactured a stylish and high-quality stylus pen that is equipped with a thin tip. It is a lightweight and smooth digital pen that could be the perfect partner that you are looking for.


The EVACH Active Stylus Digital Pen is designed to work on both Android and iOS devices. This pen works without the need to pair via a Bluetooth connection. In fact, once you turn this thing on, you can start drawing right away.

  • Overall Design

Measuring 146mm long and weighing 13.3g, this pen is very easy to use and well-balanced. It has a tip that measures 1.5mm, which is just the right measurement to deliver smooth lines.

This pen has a removable magnetic cap, which protects the built-in charging port. The same magnetic cap also houses the fabric tip. On the other end is the fine tip. This is an easy-to-use pen, having only an on/off button. It even has a pocket clip so that you can take it with you anywhere easily.

  • Powerful Battery

This pen runs on a built-in battery. With this power source on a full charge, you can expect it to run for up to eight long hours. Using a micro USB cable, this device can be fully charged in just 60 minutes.

However, please note that fast chargers are not recommended to be used with this pen. That’s because they may damage its internal chip. To avoid over-heating and to save battery, this device shuts down automatically after 30 minutes of idleness.

  • Compatibility

This pen is widely compatible with most touchscreen devices. Since it functions almost the same, it is an economical alternative to the Apple Pencil. However, this pen is not compatible with the 2018 iPad series and the iPad Air 2.

  • Versatility

With this pen’s precision point control, you can expect accuracy like no other. Unlike other low-quality pens, this one performs the same even when the screen is covered with film. It feels and works like a traditional pen, but it is designed not to scratch your device’s screen.

  • Package Inclusions

Every purchase comes secured with a money-back guarantee. This is applicable within 90 days from the date of purchase. What’s more, replacement is covered under warranty that is good for one year. The company also has a reliable customer support team to address any concerns about their product.


  • Has a battery-saving feature
  • User-friendly design
  • Slim and lightweight
  • Reasonably affordable
  • Equipped with a long-lasting battery


  • Not compatible with some applications
  • Pen tip accuracy can sometimes be a little off

Summary of the Features

The EVACH Stylus Active Digital Pen is perfect for someone who prefers a lightweight pen with a thin tip and a slim body. You can use this pen for drawing, sketching, and writing down notes. It works with many touchscreen devices and applications. However, keep in mind that there are iPad models and apps that don’t work with this pen.

This pen has a pocket clip just like a traditional pen; you can clip it onto your pocket when not in use. It also shuts off when inactive for 30 minutes.

Comparison With A Similar Product

We tried to look for a similar product that is awesome enough to be compared to the EVACH Stylus Digital Pen and found the Ormosia Stylus Pen. This pen works just like any other stylus pens on the market, but does it offer more than what meets the eye?

This pen has a very fine tip and a small visual point. It can be used for writing and drawing, and it can also be used for calligraphy. The slim body makes it super lightweight and comfortable to hold. Like the one from EVACH, this is also compatible with most touchscreen devices.

Unlike some stylus pens though, this pen does not come with a stiff and thick rubber tip. Instead, it has a very flexible tip that allows you to draw freely from any angle. It even comes with a replacement tip for backup. This pen comes in four different colors.

The Ormosia Stylus Pen is way cheaper than the product under review.


Overall, the EVACH Active Stylus Digital Pen is surely one of the rising tools in the world of digital arts. This is the stylus pen that you can use for taking digital notes, doing document annotations, and creating art.

This pen boasts a modern, stylish look and is durably made. Thanks to its high-quality construction and materials, you will be able to use this for a long time. It offers pretty much everything, and it can be used by anyone. This is truly a great investment that is reasonably priced. In fact, the Apple Pencil costs twice as much as this humble pen.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for a cheaper stylus pen that will work well with your calligraphy works and simple strokes, the Ormosia Stylus Pen is a good option. This works incredibly with many apps and devices, even if this pen is not digital.

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