Drawing Pencils Guide

Drawing Pencils Guide
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Are you fond of doodling with pencils? Creating magnificent work of art, or just simply enjoy drawing as a hobby? A requirement for school project or a portrait you need to draw for a friend, a loved one, or a client?

Whatever it is that you do, there’s a particular pencil to use for a specialized drawing you need to make. There are different kinds of pencils. Some of them are the standard graphite, the one we use for ordinary writing though it can also be used for drawing.

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They are differentiated by the thickness and the hardness of the lead. We need thicker lead for shading and thinner lead for more delicate writing or drawing.

And then there are colored pencils that we use to make colorful and vivid drawings and coloring needs. There’s also charcoal pencils which are mainly used by artists to draw portraits, landscape, or anything that needs to be drawn.

After reading this article, you will be knowledgeable about the different kinds and uses of drawing pencils and how to properly use them. 

Different Types of Drawing Pencils

As previously mentioned, there are different types of drawing pencils which are standard graphite pencils, colored pencils, charcoal pencils, and watercolor pencils. Each of these drawing pencils has their own unique use and style.

Standard graphite pencils

The most commonly used type of drawing pencil. Not only can you use this for drawing and sketching, but you can also use this to write as well.

There are a wide variety of graphite pencils that differs in hardness and softness of the lead. The indication on how soft or hard the lead of a pencil is usually written on the bottom part of the pencil.

Charcoal pencils

The most used and the all-time favorite of artists. It allows its users to do dramatic artworks with dark and light shades of the black charcoal and do different techniques with it.

Colored pencils

A family favorite art tool. It makes artists draw photo-realistic drawings and makes their artwork come to life with the wide range selection of colors. Layering and combining colors onto a paper will create more complex colors.

Watercolor pencils

Same with colored pencils, but it has the ability to become watercolor paint when you add water on to a brush. It’s not really a popular medium, but is picking popularity with other artists because the ease of use.

You can also layer it just like colored pencils and mix colors when used with a brush. The good thing about watercolor pencils is that it’s portable so you can bring it anywhere without thinking you will create a mess.

Techniques to Do With Your Drawing Pencils

For beginners, all the techniques they might know are outlining and doing strokes. However, there are a lot more different techniques you can do with your drawing pencils. To know more about what they are called and how you can do them, read on:


The first part of drawing. You can outline your drawing using light outlines. It’s like a rough draft of your entire drawing.


It makes your drawing pop out and come to life. Without shading, your drawing will look flat and dead


It is a shading technique that gives light or hard shading on to your drawing depending on how close the lines you draw.


It is almost the same with hatching but you will add other lines that cross over together


Same with hatching as well but drawn with small dots creating a pattern. Recommended for eyes and hair such as facial hair like beard and moustache.


Drawn with circular lines surrounding your object in a compacted manner.

Popular Brands of Drawing Pencils

With art being around for as long as we can remember, there has been so many brands that have come up with their own versions of drawing pencils. Some of the most well-known brand of standard graphite pencils are Lyra Rembrandt Art Design, Derwent Graphic, Faber-Castell, Staedtler Mars Lumograph, and Caran D’ache.

As for charcoal pencils, some of the most popular brands are General’s Primo Charcoal Pencils, Derwent, Conte, and Caran D’ache.

For colored pencils, some of the most well-known brands are Staedtler, Prismacolor, Ohuhu, Derwent, and Faber-Castell. Lastly, the most well-known brands of watercolor pencils are Faber-Castell Albrecht Durer, Prima, Prismacolor, Cretacolor, and Bruynzeel.

All of the brands mentioned are suitable for both beginner and professional use.

Drawing Paper

If you have great drawing pencils, then you must have great paper to draw on as well. Using ordinary paper may reduce the quality of your artwork. If you are only looking to practice, then a simple sketch paper would suffice.

They are light, inexpensive, and smoother. However, using other types of drawing material on a sketch paper such as colored pencils and pastel is not advisable since it has a light tooth surface.

But if you want to create a masterpiece, then using a drawing paper is a must. It is heavier, thicker, and more expensive. Because of its thickness and toothy texture, it allows your drawing pencils to become more enhanced when used as it gets to grab the material a lot better.

Your drawing will come out more professional, detailed, and sharp, ready to be framed!

How to Keep Your Drawings Intact?

Most drawing pencils especially charcoal ones would require a special products to avoid them from coming off or smudging. This special product is what they call a fixative.

A fixative is a chemical liquid that helps preserve an artwork. This can be sprayed on a drawing and it can either come out as glossy or matte.


When you are creating art, whether for fun or professionally, you should be aware of the different types of drawing pencils to use. It is also advisable if you make yourself aware of the different techniques to do with them in order to maximize their potential.

Anyone can become an artist as long as you never stop educating yourself and get a lot of practice. Bring out that drawing pencil and drawing paper, and do not be afraid to show your talent to the world.

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