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CreativeELF Drawing Stencils Set Review

CreativeELF Drawing Stencils Set Review
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The world is a fantastic canvas for children. Even though they never cease to amuse us, they tend to get bored quickly.

Handling a bored, pestering kid is a mother’s worse dilemma, and it gets worse when school is off. So what to do? What’s a better option than letting them indulge in their own creativity?

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Drawing and coloring is every kid’s favorite pastime, and it gets better when they have the right tools for the task. Buying them a set of tools for arts would be a wise decision. As such, we have reviewed one of the best-selling products by CreativeELF.

CreativeELF Drawing Stencils Set

Creative ELF is an online operated brand which aims to serve the best art equipment for amateurs, beginners, and children. Their products ensure reliable quality and durable materials, which parents would never compromise on for their children’s well-being. Apart from that, this stencil set has features that you’ll absolutely love!

The Creative ELF 54-piece Drawing Stencils Set is the ultimate mantra to keep your kids busy all day. Gone are their days of pestering you on your personal commitments and daily tasks.


This complete set comes with drawing stencils and coloring pencils to keep your children busy all day. They’ll be drawing and coloring their holidays away, and you won’t even know their presence in the house. To give you a better insight, here’s a list of what you’ll get from this set:

  • Inclusions

This set includes all the fundamental tools your kids will need to create their masterpieces. That’s great if you’re using it while traveling or on the go. You’ll get stencils with amazing, creative designs for your children to trace.

An assortment of brightly colored pencils is also included. These high-quality pencils have soft cores combined with a durable exterior. That means they will leave a smooth, velvety texture, and resist breakage.

Apart from that, you’ll also get the tools your kids will need in case of any mishap during their drawing sessions namely a sturdy sharpener and an effective eraser. To complete the whole package, it includes a ream of high-quality papers. Thus, your kid can get started right after opening the kit.

  • Portability

Like we said, this kit is meant to be carried around, and it’s designed to facilitate that as well. All the fancy equipment comes in a hard, durable case, so you can be concern-free of your art supplies while carrying them with you. The case also has an inbuilt customized tray to store each piece individually so that you can identify easily if one piece goes missing.

  • Versatility

This kit also boasts a commendable amount of versatility. Firstly, because it’s fit for both girls and boys, you won’t see only car or doll designs but a great mixture of both. Also, this is great for your kids if they tend to explore all kinds of images.

This kit will also work for kids of all ages, so they can share this with a group of friends, and siblings can use it together and make playtime more enjoyable. And don’t worry if your little one gets addicted, this kit will keep them hooked even after they get older.

  • Safety Standards

Most parents make it a point to check the safety features of each product before they make a purchase. Good news for you, this set meets all the safety standards you prefer for your child. The plastic used to make these stencils is BPA-free, which means the material will not harm your toddlers no matter how rigorously they use it.

  • Creative Learning Promotion

This art set promotes learning through fun. The stencils include unique and vibrant images that your child can learn to draw. This will help enhance their knowledge of the objects and creatures around them.

Parents can also have a great time informally teaching their children important things. Things like geometry and lettering become fun when drawn with different colors. This way, your children will learn and remember through enjoyable memories.

  • Design Variety

As we mentioned before, your child will never get bored with this set. The stencils are created with a wide array of images and textures, so your child can make new combinations every time to create new masterpieces.


  • Reasonable price
  • Three color pens free
  • Money-back guarantee
  • More than 300 templates
  • Washable and non-toxic


  • Not suitable to use with crayons
  • Some small crevices in image detailing are too small to fit the pencil


This stencil kit is a great option to give your children a conservative past time. They can learn basic shapes, letters, animals, and recognize other images through their favorite hobby. Also, it’s safe and easy to use for your children and has all the necessary equipment included, so it’s one purchase for all your child’s artwork needs.


You’ll get a long list of products when you search for art stencil sets online, and choosing one of them is a confusing task. To make the best choice clear for you, we’ve analyzed another product from this genre and compared it to the CreativeELF Drawing Stencils Set.

The Art with Smile Drawing Stencils Set is also an excellent option for beginners. This set also has colored pencils, a sharpener, and blank sheets along with the stencils. But the one from CreativeELF comes with bonus colored pens to enhance your child’s creativity.

The stencils on this set come with almost 280 images, while the CreativeELF set has more than 300 images. So basically, your child can choose, draw, and learn to identify more shapes and objects through the latter.

The Art with Smile Drawing Stencils Set also comes in a case for convenience during traveling and outing. The case is made of waterproof fabric rather than solid plastic.

Even though it makes it easier to carry and safer for children, it makes the design less durable. Also, if you’re intending to buy it as a gift for a young one, wrapping the fabric case can be a nuisance, while a solid plastic one can be wrapped up easily.

The price is another point of comparison. As we can see the Creative Elf set is winning in all the aspects, but guess what? You’ll get it at a lesser price than the Art with Smile Set. So now you can clearly decide which one is the better choice for you.


The CreativeELF Drawing Stencils Set is a whole package of fun and learning for your kids. Not only will it keep you from losing your mind over them over the holidays, but will also help them carry on their learning process while school is off!

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