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Colore Colored Pencils Set Review

Colore Colored Pencils Set Review
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Looking for a brand-new set of colored pencils can be overwhelming. With the vast array of choices out there that vary in brands, sizes, mediums, and costs, everything seems to be perfect and fun to use.

One important factor to consider when buying colored pencils is the consistency of color saturation. Each colored pencil should have a creamy texture and smoothness for each type of application. The strength of the core also contributes to convenience and high-quality results.

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One of the trusted brands today is Colore. Hence, we are going to review the Colore Colored Pencils Set to see what it has to offer.

Colore Colored Pencils Set

Where else can you find a set of 72 colored pencils that is much less expensive than other brands? In Colore’s standard, don’t underestimate affordability because this brand has more features and qualities that you can’t find in any other brands.

The Notable Features

The Colore Colored Pencils Set is a premium colored pencil set. Among the features that make it stand out from the competitions in the market today are the following:

  • Quality

The 72-piece set offers high-quality pencils that are vibrant enough for any types and levels of application. The colors are lively when used on different platforms such as coloring books and drawing pads. They are uniquely manufactured especially forprofessional artists, art enthusiasts, and even the aspiring ones.

Each pencil included in the Colore Colored Pencils Set is smooth to apply and has a creamy texture. This quality of application results in consistent colors and stays true to how you want your artwork to be. Some specific colors include skin tones, neon, bright, and purple.

The Colore Colored Pencils Set is excellent for any types of application. Among the wide range of uses is coloring, sketching, layering, blending, burnishing, and learning colors for kids.

It is a useful tool to express creativity and practical addition to an arts-and-craft-tool collection. Lastly, the manufacturer is confident about this product that it offers a lifetime guarantee.

  • Durability

The cores of the pencils included in the Colore Colored Pencils Set are thick and robust even when applied with force. The leads do not break into pieces easily to ensure consistent and reliable application. Each core is housed in a natural wooden material that is not only sleek but also strong.

  • Storage

The 72 pieces of pencils are too many to handle and organize. Good thing, the Colore Colored Pencils Set comes in a metal tin case.

It does not only organize the set, but it also protects each pencil from potential breakage and damage. The case is compact, so it easily fits in any bag or case.

  • Color Identification

Each pencil in the Colored Colored Pencils Set is etched with a color code that helps you determine its particular color. You can easily identify which specific pencil have you used or you will be using because the codes are visible enough.

  • No Initial Sharpening

Each pencil comes pre-sharpened so that you can use it right away.


  • Durable and sleek
  • Comfortable to use
  • Vibrant colors
  • Organized
  • Value for money
  • Suitable for any application
  • Non-toxic
  • Risk-free purchase


  • Leads may break


The Colored Colored Pencils Set is a product that comes with pencils that are smooth and has consistent and vibrant colors. They are made of thick cores that are resistant to breakages, as well as encased in glossy, natural wood materials.

With their color codes, you can easily pick the right pencil for your work. Likewise, being non-toxic, the colored pencils can be used by both children and adults, on any drawing media. Additionally, you are assured that the no pencils will be lost or missing since they are organized in a protective metal tin case.

Comparison with Anther Colored Pencil Set

The Colore Colored Pencil Set seems to be an excellent coloring tool that is worth the money. It comes pre-sharpened, and it is easy to apply and has consistent colors that many other colored pencil sets do not have. However, some users may be looking for other features such as water-soluble formulation, and the Castle Art Watercolor Pencils is a good option.

Intended most especially for adult users and art enthusiasts, the Castle Art Watercolor Pencils is a high-quality 72-piece colored set. It can be used for any advanced applications such as blending, layering, sketching, and coloring to help make artworks come to life. It gives artworks beautiful watercolor finishes including smooth tones, color washes, and abstract effects.

The best feature of Castle Art Watercolor Pencils is that it can be used for wet or dry applications, allowing you to create more variety of artworks and coloring tasks. That is all thanks to the water-soluble formulation. Hence, it is more versatile than the Colore Colored Pencil Set.

That being said, the Castle Art Watercolor Pencils set is more expensive than the Colore Colored Pencil Set. For beginners, art enthusiasts, and even professional artists who are looking for an affordable, high-quality colored pencil set, the Colore Colored Pencil Set is the better choice.

It gives value for money and can even be used by children for learning rainbow colors. It is non-toxic and easy to apply.

Our Final Say

When it comes to colored pencils, the important features to consider are the ease and smoothness of application as well as the consistency of color. Looking at the wide variety of colored pencil brands in the market today, the Colore Colored Pencils Set stands out because of its notable features, all at an affordable price.

The Colore Colored Pencils Set may not be water-soluble, but it can be used in many artwork applications such as blending, layering, drawing, and coloring. More importantly, it is non-toxic, so it is safe even for the children.

Its cores are thick and don’t easily break. It has a neat and natural wood design and is etched with color codes for easy color identification.

Using each pencil included in the Colored Colored Pencils Set is comfortable, giving you the versatility and ability to do various artwork tasks. No wonder even the adult art enthusiasts and professional artists are satisfied with its quality and features.

Overall, it is a cost-effective set of colored pencils that is recommended for beginners and experienced artists of all ages.

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