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Colore #2 Pencils: Best Pencils for School and Work?

Colore 2 Pencils Best Pencils for School and Work
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When it comes to pencils that are used for work or school, everyone strives for a good middle ground. What do we mean by this? This means that the pencil should at least be of good quality but at the same time not be too complex to be mistaken as an artist’s pencil, which can be used for shading or blending.

Who would have thought that picking a pencil can be hard? It does not have to be as you can leave the nitty gritty for us to conquer! We are going to take a look at Colore pencils, specifically their #2 pencils.

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Colore #2 Pencils

These pencils might get snubbed at first as they look like the pencils that kids use, but let us look at them closer and see what they are all about. Today, we are going to review its features, as well as the pros and cons of using it.

Additionally, we are going to compare it to a similar product to really see how it fares. Do you want to know if this pencil should have a permanent place in your work or school supplies? Then keep on reading!

Key Features

First off, let us discuss the fact that this pencil can be bought in bulk. This is actually more value for your money as you get to always have pencils at hand for a lower price compared to buying them separately. With each pack, there are 12 pieces of unsharpened #2 yellow pencils.

For its wood case, it is made of real poplar wood that is of high-quality. As for the graphite, it is 100% graphite that is in the pencil core. As for its black lead pencil, it should write smoothly but at the same time look sharp and nice. More than that, these pencils also come with an attached, latex-free, pink eraser at the bottom.

These pencils are great for simple writing, drawing, and sketching. They can also be used for defining, shadowing, blending, and shading, but they would take a bit of more effort from your part to achieve the desired effect.

The excellent quality is also assured as the pencils were manufactured and even designed for art enthusiasts and those who want to go into the arts. At the same time, the overall design was made to be lightweight, which means they can also be used by toddlers.

Lastly, it comes with a one-year money back guarantee, which is actually a surprise because not all brands offer the same warranty for their pencils. The reason behind this is probably Colore’s confidence with the quality of their pencils.


  • Easy to sharpen
  • Sits comfortably on the hand when held
  • Takes a long time before sharpening
  • Eraser can clearly erase writings
  • Does not break easily
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Can be used for everyone
  • Writes smoothly and does not snag


  • Some pencils take a lot of sharpening before arriving at a fine point
  • Some of the erasers detach from the pencil
  • The yellow paint tends to get chipped or bleed into your hands
  • Lead breaks easily
  • Inconsistency issues with the lead being centered in the wood case

Summary of the Features

The Colore #2 Pencils are typical pencils that you see everywhere. They have that distinct yellow color with the pink eraser at the end. As for the quality of these pencils, they are pretty standard. What is great is that it cannot only be used for writing, but for drawing as well.

In terms of the writing quality that you get, one cannot really complain. They are smooth but not so smooth that the point gets dull easily. You will also find delight in the fact that its eraser can erase cleanly and does not leave any traces of lead.

Further, its weight is lighter than other pencils, so even your toddler can use this pencil. On the other hand, there is really nothing special about these pencils. Also, its lead tends to break easily, which is not really cost-efficient. Overall, these do the job as any other regular pencil does.

Comparison with the SKKSTATIONERY Pencils

Let us now compare the Colore #2 Pencils with the SKKSTATIONERY Pencils to see which one is better. The one from SKKSTATIONERY is the same as the one from Colore in such a way that a purchase will guarantee you 144 pencils because it also comes in bulk. However, its biggest difference is how they arrive by default.

For the SKKSTATIONERY Pencils, they come pre-sharpened. Therefore, you can already use them fresh from the box. As for the design, they are pretty similar in that they are both yellow and have a pink eraser.

Another difference is the fact that the SKKSTATIONERY Pencils claim to be free from any smudging. This can really be a huge advantage especially if the purpose of buying the pencils are for children because they tend to write so fast that they smudge what they just wrote. As for the Colore #2 Pencils, they are not really smudge-free.

More than that, the ones from SKKSTATIONERY can be easily sharpened to a fine point. That factor right there is a problem with the ones from Colore. Additionally, the former’s lead is consistent with being centered in the wood case, and the lead does not break easily compared with the latter.

Will the extra features of the SKKSTATIONERY Pencils be enough to beat the Colore #2 Pencils? Read on to find out!


What are you looking for in regular pencils? Is it the smoothness? Is it the writing quality? No,  you look for efficiency. You are just going to use them for writing and not really for sketching, so what you really want is for them to work everytime you use them.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said with the Colore #2 Pencils. Yes, they perform well, but they are not as efficient as the ones from SKKSTATIONERY. We say this because there will be times with the Colore #2 Pencils that you will keep on sharpening and you might not even hit a sliver of the lead.

Another thing is the fact that if ever you get it to a fine point, there will be instances that the tip will just break. Much worse, the lead that is wholly exposed can just break. So, spare yourself the annoyance and just go with a different brand.

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