CCIVV Stylus Pen 2-in-1 Fine Point & Mesh Tip Review

CCIVV Stylus Pen 2-in-1 Fine Point & Mesh Tip
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Many people say that anybody can be an artist and whatever you end up drawing can be interpreted one way or another, but regardless of how it is appreciated, it will always be your own masterpiece.

The digital age has further expanded the media that pioneering artists can work on, especially with tools like the CCIVV Stylus Pen 2-in-1 Fine Point & Mesh Tip that can be used for either phones or tablets as a way to guide erstwhile awry lines into straight ones, or at least lines that take the form that you want.

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The tool itself, the stylus, is not something new as older phone models, like PDAs, used them before but more on a note-taking capacity rather than the artistic one. Phone styluses nowadays are more flexible when it comes to their functionality and offer more features than their predecessors.


Features of the CCIVV Stylus Pen 2-in-1 Fine Point & Mesh Tip

The CCIVV Stylus Pen looks like a pen and feels like a pen, but it is a stylus for your phone or tablet. This is by design as the creators wanted users to use this stylus like any other pencil or pen that they might have, giving them a better grip and a better feel of how things will flow out.


  • 100% Compatibility

The CCIVV Stylus Pen is compatible with all mobile devices that have a capacitive touchscreen. This includes both Android and iOS devices, as well as tablets and mobile phones.

  • Clear Disc

You can see through the nib or disc of this stylus which means you can see where it is going and lets you guide the pen better. The clear disc is ideal for drawing or sketching, as well as for highlighting text and digital painting.

  • Mesh Tip

The mesh tip keeps things comfortable and quiet while you are using it to glide over across screens, making it ideal for navigation, clicking, and it can even serve as the eraser for your stylus.

  • No to Plastic

The CCIVV Stylus Pen is made of a combination of aluminum and copper, and it is guaranteed to have no plastic parts. This gives a nice comfortable and solid feel, especially when partnered with the rubber grip.

  • Screen Protector

Technically, using a stylus means that your fingers never touch the screen which means that the CCIVV Stylus Pen acts as a screen protector in essence. Using the stylus pen prevents grease and oil from damaging your screen, while its tips help protect it from scratches.

  • Easy Replace

The tips of the CCIVV Stylus Pen can easily be replaced within seconds without using any special tool. This effectively extends the life of your stylus pen and your mobile device as well.


  • Stylus Pen writes well with any operating system as long as the screen is capacitive and is not damaged.
  • Length and weight are similar to that of a regular pen, which makes adapting to it quite easy, especially if you are used to using pencils and pens for sketching or doodling
  • Disc or nib glides smoothly over the screen with almost no pressure required from your hand
  • Replacing the nibs is quite easy and not time-consuming at all
  • Rubber grip provides a good grip which makes this stylus pen not too tiring to use
  • Rounded discs or nibs are so much better than the pointed tips of other stylus pens which have been known to cause scratches on the surface of the phone screen.


  • A screen protector, often installed after purchase, needs to be removed for the pen to be more responsive. It might not work otherwise.
  • A clip can be added along the body of the pen so that it can be stored inside a bag pocket in an upright position.
  • The connection between the discs or nibs and the pen feels flimsy, and it feels like the whole pen can collapse to a small amount of pressure.
  • The nibs or discs can be a little fragile, meaning they easily break when too much pressure is applied while in use.


The CCIVV Stylus Pen 2-in-1 Fine Point & Mesh Tip is a great stylus pen for artists and doodlers alike. This stylus pen can even be used for taking down notes and navigating around the menus of your device.
The replaceable nibs or discs extend the life of the stylus while the ability to switch from mesh to clear tips in a matter of seconds ensure that you can draw and correct without any hassle. The rubber grip ensures that you don’t get tired from drawing too much while the tips or discs are sure to be compatible with any capacitive screen of any operating system.


Taking note of the features of the CCIVV Stylus Pen 2-in-1 Fine Point & Mesh Tip, the MEKO Universal Stylus comes the closest to meeting its potential. The MEKO Universal Stylus comes with a rubber and fiber tip, and it is also 100% compatible with any mobile device that has a capacitive touchscreen.
The tips can easily be replaced as well, while its construction is a combination of stainless steel and aluminum. This pen is lightweight at 24 g and easy to use, while the rubber grip makes it comfortable and not too tiring to use, too.


Deciding which stylus pen is better between the CCIVV Stylus Pen 2-in-1 Fine Point & Mesh Tip and the MEKO Universal Stylus is a hard task as both have the same set of features and functionality. The difference though comes in the form of the tips that each pen has. The MEKO Universal Stylus has rubber and fiber tips which have their set of benefits while the CCIVV Stylus Pen has a wire mesh tip and a plastic tip.
These tips are very different from each other, but the plastic disc of the CCIVV Stylus Pen is more conductive and responsive than that of the MEKO’s. Meanwhile, the wire mesh tip of CCIVV’s offers a better grip and sense of feeling than the rubber tip of the MEKO’s. These two stylus pens work well nonetheless and working around the differences depends on the user and how he plans to go about it.


Stylus pens have a niche market amongst illustrators and digital artists as it enables them to express their inner thoughts and feelings through digital art. The works that they produce may or may not be something that you can appreciate but keep in mind that it is a masterpiece in their own right, and it should be given proper deference.

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