Caricature Maker: Why Are Cartoons so Effective for Communication?

Caricature Maker: Why Are Cartoons so Effective for Communication?
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When it comes to communication, cartoons/caricatures are one of the most effective ways that we have. Sounds a little crazy, right? However, following are a few reasons that cartoons are so effective and why you should invest in a caricature maker to get your message out there to the masses.

Communication without Words: Caricature Maker

A caricature/cartoon conveys a message much quicker and more effectively than a written notice. After all, you don’t need to be able to read to understand a drawing, right? This makes them ideal for reaching a broad spectrum of people. Many times, public service communicators use cartoons to illustrate a message or underline the content of a written message. This ensures that those who are illiterate or don’t speak the language can understand the meaning of the message.

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The government definitely understands the importance of illustrations, and this is often the way they choose to convey health/safety messages. Often, a caricature/cartoon will be noticed before the written content on a sign. The message is clear within a few seconds and doesn’t require an explanation. In addition, drawings emphasize a message. This is why they are being used in school textbooks more often.

Child’s Play

From a very early age, we are exposed to cartoon drawings and become familiar with their functionality. This means that a caricaturist/cartoonist does not need to do anything at all to prepare his/her audience to receive a message.

This is one of the reasons why the advertising industry often uses illustrations. For example, if you run a company that specializes in last minute cruise specials, you can use an illustration of people running to jump on a ship as its sailing away to convey your message much more effectively than a written message.

There would be no doubt in the audience’s mind what exactly your company does. The concept is clear, unlike many other presentations or advertisements that leave the audience with questions.

Diffuse Tensions

Next, illustrations often are associated with fun, humor, happiness and can be used to relax an audience in a meeting that has the potential to be dull or tense. They can be used as an icebreaker to unite the audience with humor and the enjoyment of sharing a piece of communication. This can be especially effective when you’re working with an audience that isn’t familiar with each other.

When you use illustrations in your presentations, you encourage your audience to be open to you as a speaker as well. In meetings, people are often genuinely relieved and grateful for a light moment, which you can use to your favor. Sometimes, this “feel-good-factor” that an illustration provides can help you in a different way.

Perhaps you have a difficult/sensitive message to deliver. In this case, you may wish to use humor to diffuse the tension in the audience. For example, if you have to find a way to motivate some of your more difficult employees, try using illustrations that mock negative employee behaviors. This will highlight that behavior in a way that everyone will recognize and help to introduce the more serious issue behind the meeting.

Caricaturist/Cartoonist Skill

There is so much more to the skill of a caricaturist/cartoonist than having the ability to draw well. Their skill lies in the ability to instill a certain idea/joke into a few images and maybe a few words. It is this ability to take this shortcut that allows the message to be communicated so effectively.

Many times, a cartoon uses the power of observation to allow the audience to identify with the message being portrayed. In some cases, an illustration is part of a series, which helps to convey the narrative of a lecture/talk. When it’s done well, this approach will have your audience looking forward to the next part of your presentation, as they want to see the next illustration.

If you are doing a presentation for managers, you may want to create a caricature of a hopeless manager and one of a perfect manager. Surely you had an idea pop into your head just by reading that. You can then build a storyline and have the hopeless manager come out on top in the end, overcoming his inadequacies and learning some very valuable lessons along the way.

The images and your messages will stick much longer than they would if you just droned on and on about the topic. If you’re not that great at drawing, you might consider investing in a caricature maker software to help you along with using illustrations to communicate.

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