Caricature Drawing Tips

Caricature Drawing Tips
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If you desire to become a caricaturist and get paid for it, there are a few things that you need to do to get closer to this goal. There are lots of different jobs available when you have this ability, such as an editorial cartoonist, freelance artist, and more. However, unless you have determination, it can be difficult to get there. Following are caricature drawing tips – these are very important for allowing you to develop and maintain your progress as an artist.

Establish a Routine: Caricature Drawing Tips

First of all, you need to establish a routine and stick with it. If you tend to get your ideas when you’re jogging or walking, then you should do more of that. Then, determine the times that you plan to draw/sketch your ideas and practice that routine until it becomes a habit.

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Find Your Motivation

Every morning, sit down and jot down your goals for the day- including your caricature goals. Be sure to get any of the non-caricature tasks done first so they’re not distracting you. Then, once everything else is done, sit down and start drawing- even if you can only spend a few minutes on it. An egg timer is great because you can set it and focus on just one thing at a time without having to worry that you’ll lose track of time- it beeps after the time runs out.

Record Your Ideas

Keep a voice recorder and/or a small camera (your cell phone should work great for both of these tasks) so that you can record your ideas without having to completely stop whatever task you’re currently involved in. We have access to such great technology these days, there’s never any excuse to lose track of an idea for a caricature.

 Don’t Say No

When you’re just getting started as a caricaturist, never say no to work- even if you’re not getting paid for it or think you may not enjoy it. It could be the door to better opportunities in the future. In addition, it gives you real practice, you must produce great work.

 Try Your Caricatures on Loved Ones

They may or may not tell you the truth about your work. They may be harder on you than strangers- or they may be easier on you. Either way, you’ll have some feedback and perhaps even a few ideas for how you can improve your work. At least there will be someone there at all times that can look at your work for you.

Study Other Caricaturists

A simple online search will help you find some famous caricaturists to look at. Study their caricatures and ask yourself why they work and how you can improve to make yours better as well. When you do this, it allows you to immerse yourself in the world of a professional caricaturist, and some of it will have an effect on your work.

Don’t be a Copycat

While it’s a great idea to study the work of other caricaturists, you don’t want to copy them line for line. You want to take the time to develop your very own style. Give it time, it will come.

Create a Reference Library of Cartoon/Caricature Resources

When you get cartoonist/caricaturist block, these are a great way to break out of it. In addition, it can be fun to take the time to do some online research to get some new ideas and thoughts

Deal with Cartoonist/Caricaturist Block

If you do get cartoonist/caricaturist block, you should consider trying mind mapping to get out of it.

Build Your Portfolio

You’ll also want to keep a portfolio of your own work so you’ll have something you can show your potential clients. When you do work for clients, you might want to snap a quick photo and then get a photo book to put them in.

Stick to Your Deadlines

No one likes a worker of any kind that can’t stick to deadlines. Reliability is a major plus for any client- and it improves your overall reputation.

Don’t be Afraid of Technology

While it’s true that nothing will really ever replace pens, pencils, paper, paint, or paintbrushes- it’s a great idea to get into computer tech. There are so many things available that it can only help. If you want to produce really quality work, you’ll want to learn how you can resize, add color to, and crop your images.

Don’t Fear Change

Don’t be afraid of altering and developing your own style. Over time, you will find that your style is going to change and improve. The caricatures you do ten years from now will be so much different than your very first one.

Improve Your Weaknesses

If there’s something that you struggle with when drawing a caricature, focus on practicing that every chance you get. Take a closer look at the work of other caricaturists and see how they do it. If you do this enough, eventually this issue will rectify itself.

Don’t Forget to Have Fun

Make sure that you enjoy drawing caricatures– or there’s no point. There are lots of easier ways that you can earn a living than doing something you don’t enjoy.

If you want to become a professional caricaturist, there are several things you need to do in order to reach this goal. However, you must have determination, or you’ll struggle to get there. Keep these tips in mind for developing and maintaining your progress as an artist.

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