Best Sketchpad for Drawing

Best Sketchpad for Drawing
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Illustration artists on the go usually carry a sketch book. Here, they can draw or capture images of worth. The right choice of such as medium will depend on many things. The preference could be on the sketchpad’s paper or on the artist himself.

The choice of paper is a very important decision you’ll make as an artist. Also consider color, absorbency, texture, weight, and size. There is a multitude of available sketchpads.

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Each one has its own features which would ultimately satisfy an artist’s needs. Sketch pads can be spiral-bound making them handy for artists to carry around.

These are great for outdoor sketching but not on desk works. Sketchpad sizes would vary. These are small for simple etchings and big for more elaborate drawings. These are just a few factors and there are more.

By experience, you will start to learn the importance of these factors. You’ll also learn how they would affect your work. You will learn more about paper types and artistic mediums as you progress.

As aforementioned, there are thousands of available sketchpads to choose from. That is quite challenging when making a choice. Lucky for you, we have made our own internet scouring.

We’ve have narrowed down some superb choices of the best sketchpad for your drawing work. Read and learn more about these products, then make your choice. 

Colore 9×12-Inch Spiral Sketch Pad

Colore sketch pads are ideal for art students, professional artists, writers, and for the regular individual. It is portable so you can carry it everywhere with ease.

The pad is durable and, surprisingly, eco-friendly. It is acid-free too, with no harmful chemicals. This makes them safe to use and convenient too.

Sit in the library, in the park or just about anywhere with this pad. With it, you could set free your creativity by writing down your thoughts and dreams. You can also use it for sketching some inspiring subjects.

Let the pencils do their magic with your guidance and make your own work of art. Make each moment an opportunity to convert raw emotions into something visually inspiring.


  • Ideal for artists of any skill level.
  • Has perforated pages which are easy to tear out as needed.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • The sketchpad contains 100 sheets for your illustrations.


  • The paper is quite thin.
  • The pages are prone to wrinkling and smudging. 

Artist’s Choice Sketch Pad

The Artist’s Choice Sketchpad contains paper of the highest quality. They are also safe and convenient as they are acid-free and have neutral pH. The pages are durable and spiral-bound.

Each page has perforated edgings so you can tear them off easily. The pages are perfectly textured with a smooth reflective finish.

This sketchpad is a universal product. It’s intended for beginners, professionals, artists, writers, and illustrators. You can even use it as a canvas for watercolors or colored pencils, and also as a journal or a diary.


  • The pack comes with 2 separate sketchpads.
  • High-quality paper with a good texture and a smooth finish.
  • Spiral binding with perforated pages.
  • Comes with a money-back guarantee from the manufacturer.


  • The paper is quite thin.
  • The paper isn’t exactly white in color. 

Strathmore Series 400 Sketch Pad

This sketchpad is for general purpose. It’s of medium weight and intended for technique practices and quick studies. It best works with dry media. The paper is of the best quality, it has a harder surface and variety of texture.

The sketchpad can work with more variety of media as well as styles. These qualities in paper are important to artists. They will ultimately contribute to help create the desired artistic effects.

The Strathmore company supports eco-friendly processes. For this, their products contain 30% post-consumer fiber. This has a Grade-A rating for cleanliness. The 400 Series paper is completely recycled.

Using recycled material does not in any way compromise their paper’s appearance. It also doesn’t affect the performance or price.


  • The pages are from all-purpose paper.
  • The sketchbook includes 100 pages for your illustrations.
  • The pages are lightly-textured.
  • Ideal for beginners and professional artists.


  • The paper isn’t very thick.
  • Might arrived damaged.

Products Comparison

All three have their own unique features and similarities. For one, they are all ideal for beginners or professionals. But they have their own distinct features that set them apart from others.

The Colore is ideal for artists with a higher skill level. Though spiral bound, the notebook still opens flat when put on a surface. The sturdy light textured paper surface creates room for seamless erasing.

With it, you don’t have to worry about damaging paper surface. On its downside, the paper is quite thin and the pages are prone to wrinkling and smudging.

The Artist’s Choice paper is of the highest quality. It’s acid-free with a neutral pH, it is perfectly textured for a smooth non-reflective finish. It’s also cheaper than Colore and the pack comes in a buy one – take one offer.

However, the pages aren’t truly white in color and they’re quite thin too. The Strathmore pages are lightly textured. They are from all-purpose paper.

It includes 100 sheets of paper and it’s eco-friendly, made of recycled paper. But like the others, the pages aren’t very thick and it might arrive damaged upon delivery.


All three products have their own unique features but are similar in their purpose. All three are suitable for any kind of user.

The quality of their paper is almost the same too. So, it’s up to you which of these sketchpads would you want to choose. The Colore 9×12-Inch Spiral Sketch Pad is lightweight and portable. You can bring it along with you no matter where you go.

It also has 100 pages so you’ll be able to make a lot of illustrations with it. The Artist’s Choice Sketch Pad comes with 2 sketch pads. The pages are of high-quality, they have great texture and a smooth finish.

Finally, the Strathmore Series 400 Sketch Pad also comes with 100 pages. These pages are lightly-textured and made from recycled materials. No matter which one you choose, you’re guaranteed of an excellent buy.

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