Best Pencil to Sketch on Canvas: Our Top Picks

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Whether you are just a beginner or a professional artist, you must have quality art supplies if you want to create masterpieces that sell. A good pencil set is one of the essential tools that you will need to convey your ideas on paper clearly and conspicuously.

What pencils should you use to sketch on Canvas? Frankly, finding the best pencil to sketch on canvas won’t be easy. There are over a hundred pencil sets brands, and it may take you forever to try each one of them and see which one works the best. Fortunately, you don’t have to do that because we have done it for you.

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Here are the top 5 Pencils Set to check out in 2019.

Best Pencil to Sketch on Canvas Reviews

Castle Art Supplies 26 Piece Drawing and Sketching Pencil Art Set

This Castle Art Supplies 26 piece is an excellent choice for professional and learning artists looking for a ladder of perfection and uniqueness.


This 26-piece Castle Art supply has pretty much everything you need to create a perfect sketch. Additionally, it has a wide selection of great premium tools. You can rest assured that this set won’t mess with your art.

In the set, you will get a combination of charcoal and graphite sketching tools. So, the end result of your sketch is a guaranteed success. It comes with 12 graphite pencils with varying degrees of hardness, from 5H to 8B. These variations will make it convenient for you to create detailed, precise, darker, and beautiful art. You can use them for experimenting with different shades, tones, lines, and blending.

As for the charcoal pencils, they also have varying levels of hardness – soft, medium and hard grades. These grades give you maximum control of contrast and definitions when sketching. You also get one ultra-soft al-graphite woodless pencil that comes pre-sharpened. This pencil is ideal for shading and blending.

In addition, you receive 3 graphite and charcoal sticks to shade or draw on large pieces of artwork. The sticks come with different hardness degrees, in soft, medium, and hard. You can use the soft pencil for deeper blacks, medium for light shade, and hard for pinpoint precision. Depending on the pressure applied, these sticks can guarantee smooth shading.

For proper convenience and concentration, this set also comes with sharpeners and erasers. You will receive 1 Kneaded eraser for erasing on charcoal. The eraser is residue-free, so you don’t have to worry about smudging your sketch. It wipes with ultimate accuracy and efficiency.

You also get 1 plastic or Vinyl eraser, which can be used to erase large pieces of art effectively. With these erasers, no number of mistakes can ruin your creativity. 2 sharpeners are included for both graphite and charcoal pencils. They sharpen well by giving you sharper and strong tips.

This Castle Arts pencil set also comes with a free-return guarantee. You can request for a replacement or return if you face any issues with the set.


  • Wide variety of attractive supplies
  • Suitable for kids, adults, beginners, and expert artists
  • Residue-free erasers
  • 6 graphite and charcoal sticks
  • 2 graphite and charcoal sharpeners
  • A carrying case for convenient portability


  • Cheap quality plastic case

H & B Drawing and Sketch Kit 33-piece

This H & B Drawing and Sketch kit comes with 33 pieces of art supplies that you need to enhance and complete your sketches. It’s a perfect kit for kids, art students, as well as beginners and professional artists. It’s also lightweight and convenient to carry around.


The first thing that you will love about this set is that it’s eco-friendly and non-toxic. All the materials are crafted from crude wood and are tested by TUV. So, regardless of who is using the pencil, you or your children, you can use it confidently as it won’t bring any harm.

This kit comes with 33 pieces of high-quality sketching art accessories. It contains 1 sketch pad for motivation. You can sketch or develop your art ideas and inspirations on the pad. All the pencil’s leads are durable, firm, easy to write, cut, hard to break, and provide smooth and detailed sketches.

You will also receive 12 high-quality and durable sketching pencils. (2H to 5H, and HB to 8B). The pencils are designed with different degrees of blackness and hardness to make sure you have everything you need for perfect art. The larger the hardness (H value), the harder it is, and the lighter the color. B stands for blackness, while a large H value represents a softer and darker pencil.

In addition, you get 1 stunning graphite pencil that is made up of a whole graphite strip. The surface is coated with porcelain, and it’s comfortable and handy to hold. You also get 3 graphite rods. The also comes with 3 charcoal pencils and 3 charcoal rods with 3 degrees of hardness (soft, medium, and hard). 1 metal art knife is added for perfect and precision cutting of sketches, crafts, model making, and other artisanal projects.

For effective sharpening and erasing, the kit comes with 2 erasers and 1 plastic pencil sharpener. Also, a portable nylon art travel bag is included for convenient storage and portability. Other accessories included in H & B Drawing and Sketch Kit include 1 double-headed pencil extension, 1 double-headed pencil sharpener, 3 solid paper pens, and 1 sandpaper.


  • Durable and comfortable to use
  • Safe and environmentally friendly
  • Lightweight
  • Includes a durable nylon carrying case
  • Ideal for all art level experiences


  • Not the most affordable set in the market

Bellofy 20 Sketching Pencils Set

Generally, a good pencil art set must be comfortable to hold and should create your art with high precision and efficiency. You can feel comfortable investing in this Bellofy 20 sketching pencil set because it won’t disappoint.


The Bellofy 20 sketching pencil set comes with a perfect travel tin that allows you to carry and do your art wherever you want. Also, this kit has a wide range of shades that both beginners and professional artists can use to perfect their art skills.

With this set, you get 20 graphite pencils with a wide range of degree hardness. These pencils have unmatched blending capability and control. The graphite construction makes the pencils long-lasting and robust enough to resist chipping and cracking.

The hexagonal shape of the pencils prevents them from rolling off the drawing surface. As a result, you don’t have to worry about your pencil getting lost in the middle of your art class.

This set also features a revolutionary straight-N-centered lead technology that allows you to sharpen your pencils with ease. The lead is stable and won’t break easily with proper use. It also erases entirely without smudging.

With these pencils, you can work for hours without your fingers becoming numb. This Bellofy 20 sketching pencil set features a 0.7 cm ComfortGrip that provides a convenient and comfortable grip when crafting the masterpieces you’ve always imagined. It also enhances maximum control and precision when drawing.

Finally, when you buy this pencil set, you receive a 100% money refund guarantee if you don’t like it.


  • High-quality and durable – resists breakage
  • A hexagonal shape to prevent the pencil from rolling off
  • Comes with a durable travel tin
  • ComfortGrip technology
  • Straight-N-centred lead technology


  • Less number of accessories

Dowswin 18 Pieces Pen Charcoal Sketch Set

If you are looking to enjoy a great art experience, then this Dowswin 18 piece pen charcoal sketch set is a perfect investment for you. With a variety of artistic tools, it will allow you to put down your imagination and ideas into art with perfection.


This pencil sketch set’s quality and ability to produce stunning shades is outstanding. In fact, it contains every single tool you will require to make your sketches. You will get 18 high-quality sketch pencils. All these give you a variety of pigments.

You will get 3 strong charcoal pencils that are easy to sharpen and use. Also, 3 paper pencils are included to help you to create the shadows of your charcoal painting. Another unique and premium colored pencil is added to help you mark the highlights of your art.

Furthermore, this kit features a paper stump. So instead of using your hands or paper to fill the shadows of your drawing, now you can use a paper stump to add soft subtle shading to your art.

Also included in the kit is a precision-crafted premium carbon-steel art knife. Besides being super strong, the blade has sharp points and perfectly-honed cutting edges that you can use to sharpen or cut your artistic models.

Furthermore, you will get 2 sets of kneaded erasers. The black eraser is perfect for cleaning in-depth and detailed pieces of charcoal drawings. You can use the block style of the eraser to clean into little corners. It’s also ideal for erasing large pieces of artwork.

This Dowswin 18 piece pen charcoal sketch set also features a durable canvas roll design. The design keeps your pencils tightly in place, safe, and organized. All the pencils are packed in a stylish yet simple bag. The bag is lightweight and protects your pencils from damage when working, storing, or carrying. It’s compact enough to fit in your backpack.

This set also features a metal double-end pencil extender, which you can use to extend or increase the length of your pencil when drawing. This gives you a comfortable and secure grip when outlining your art.


  • High-quality and durable pencils
  • Canvas roll design to keep your pencils in place
  • Premium carbon-steel metal art knife
  • A durable and lightweight packaging bag for convenient storage and portability
  • Features a paper stump


  • The charcoal pencil isn’t pre-sharpened

Professional Art Set 50 PCS Drawing and Sketching Set

Last in our list of the best pencils to sketch on canvas is the Cool Bank Professional Art set. From Sketching, highlighting, erasing to sharpening, all you need to create your masterpiece is available in this kit. Whether you are an art student or a professional artist, it’s worth investing in this particular kit.


Once you open this kit, you will find a wide variety of art supplies. The package includes 12 drawing pencils. Also, you get 6 Pastel graphite sticks with 6 colors.

You get 2 graphite pencils (4B and 6B), 3 graphite sticks, 3 charcoal pencils with 3 levels of hardness, 4 charcoal willow sticks, 3 charcoal sticks, and 4 pastel pencils with different shades. So, there isn’t any idea that you can’t bring down on paper with all these high-quality pigments.

This kit also features 3 blending paper stumps with varying degrees: small, medium, and large. These stumps allow you to fill the shadows of your artwork with ease and precision. A 2×50 page sketch pad is added to help you sketch or put down your artistic ideas and inspirations perfectly.

1 dual head pencil extender is included in the pack to help you extend the length of your pencil after it has shortened due to regular use and sharpening.

A high-quality yet break-resistant metal art knife is also fitted in the package. You can use it as a sharpener or use it to cut your art tools, such as papers. Another amazing feature in this set is the Sandpaper block. You can use it to sharpen pencils and pastels. As well, it can be used to clean drawing tools.

Mistakes happen when sketching, and thus, you will need a good eraser. This set features 1 rubber eraser and 1 kneaded charcoal eraser (designed for charcoal pencils). Also, to maintain smooth guidelines of your artwork, 2 sharpeners are included in the set, to make sure that your pencils are sharpened adequately for sharper and precious drawings. You will get 1 double-holed sharpener and 1 single-hole plastic pencil sharpener.

For dependable storage and portability, this kit comes with 1 nylon case. The case is compartmentalized for all your art supplies. Finally, Cool Bank offers superior quality and money-back guarantee for this set.


  • A wide variety of high-quality pencils
  • Wide range of artistic supplies
  • It comes with a compartmentalized nylon case for easy portability and storage
  • Reasonably priced
  • Suitable for all artistic experience levels


  • Designed for professional artists

Final Verdict

This collection of pencil drawing and sketching sets will surely offer you with all the must-have tools that you need to perfect your art. The good news is that all these pencils are high-quality, durable, and provide professional results for all your sketches.

Whether you are a beginner, student, or an expert artist, these pencil sets won’t disappoint. And it’s now upon you to make a sound judgment on what is the best pencil to sketch on canvas. I wish you luck.


Our Top Pick For Caricature Drawing

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