Best Paper for Colored Pencils: 2019 Reviewed

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Some artists struggle with picking the best paper when looking to put their artistic skills to the test. Drawing papers come in endless varieties, each with different qualities. You need to pick your drawing paper carefully as it affects the outcome of your picture.

The kind of paper you need depends on the medium you’ll be using to draw. The paper that works well with colored pencils might not give the best results with graphite. It might also not get the best results with pen or ink. The best paper for colored pencils has a bit of a tooth, i.e. the texture isn’t overly smooth to let the pencil grip evenly.

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Best Paper for Colored Pencils Reviews

Bienfang Sketch Pad

Lots of Working Space

The Bienfang sketch pad packs 100, 50-pound drawing sheets making it the perfect choice for anyone looking to hone and improve their coloring skills. The pad provides you with a 100-page working space to practice new techniques and styles. The sheets are thick enough to let you draw or doodle on both sides, without compromising work quality.

Compatible with Many Mediums

You can use this sketch pad to improve your drawing skills using just about all available mediums. From charcoal to pens and inks, to pastel and oil pastel, colored pencils, and graphite, you can try them all. Couple this with the many pages and you have the perfect drawing pad for art students.

Available in Different Sizes

The Bienfang pad is available in three different sizes – 5.5 by 8.5 inches, 8.5 by 11-inches, and 11 by 14 inches. You can have your pick from any of the three according to your drawing needs. The 8.5 by 11-inches makes the best size for art students and drawing enthusiasts who need to carry their pad with them. It fits perfectly in a backpack while giving you sufficient working space.

Spiral Wire Binding

The spiral wire binding on the left side gives you the freedom you need to do your best work. The binding allows the pad to lie flat on the desk while leaving all the pages flat and accessible. It also lets you use both sides of the pad without any restrictions that could lead to the loss of details.

Light Textured Pages

The paper might be lightweight, but it boasts just the right texture to help you create masterpieces with your colored pencils. The pages are lightly textured to improve the grip of your pencils as you draw. That gives you greater control when shading around tricky contours.


  • Spiral binding
  • Finely toothed texture
  • Available in three sizes
  • Compatible with many media
  • Opens flat for ease of access


  • Light 50-pound paper

Pentalic Sketch Book

Hardcover Bound

This sketchbook is the perfect choice for any artist looking for a classy way to protect their drawings. It features a stylishly textured hardcover to keep the pages from creasing or becoming dog-eared. This ensures that your masterpieces are pristine and presentable at all time. The hardcover binding not only gives the pad an alluring look but also lets it stand upright. That means you can store your sketches on a bookshelf and locate it quickly when you need to retrieve it.

Heavy-duty Paper

The bright white, 70-pound papers in the Pentalic sketch pad provide you with durable drawing surfaces. You can pour your imagination on paper, confident that your artwork will stand the test of time. The thick paper gives you the freedom to use a wide variety of mediums in addition to colored pencils. If you’re careful with it, you can use sharpies on this sketch pad without the ink bleeding through.

Plenty of Work Space

In addition to looking good and being stylish, this sketch pad carries 110 drawing sheets to let you create an entire volume of artwork. The paper is slightly toothed with just the right amount of roughness necessary to produce incredible pencil work. The beautiful binding keeps all your work in excellent shape even when the pad is subjected to constant abuse such as when you carry it around in a backpack. It also prevents the works from smudging and ruining the result of many hours of hard work.

Multiple Uses

The uses of the Pentalic sketchbook aren’t limited to sketching and doodling. You can also use it as a private journal, notebook, or use for your class notes. With more than 100 pages at your disposal, you can write your heart away without running out of space. It also lets you collect all your class notes in one place.


  • Hardcover binding
  • Multiple uses
  • 70-pound paper
  • Smooth finely toothed texture
  • Can stand upright on a bookshelf
  • Doesn’t bleed through


  • Hardcover binding might restrict use of reverse pages

Strathmore 400 Series Sketch Pad

Double Spiral Binding

The Strathmore 400 sketch pad boasts a double spiral binding on the left side, giving it a touch of class and style. The durable binding ensures that none of the pages with your incredible artwork ever falls out of place or gets lost. It also lets the sketch pad open and fold back to provide you with an ideal working space.

Ideal Working Space

Thanks to the double spiral binding, all the pages of the sketchbook are easy to use. The pages fold back entirely to provide the necessary support when working on the opposite side of the page. The heavy chipboard backing not only helps to protect your work but also offers you excellent support when drawing.

Clean Tears

The sketch pad boasts microperforated sheets to keep your work presentable when you need to tear it out. You don’t have to worry about unsightly tears when looking to share some of your finished works with friends or clients.

Perfect Pencil Drawing Surface

The fine-toothed surface ensures a firm grip while drawing with colored pencils. You also achieve great results working with other media, including dry media, gel pens, and Prismacolor pencils. The paper is sturdy enough to withstand reworking and repeated erasures.


  • Microperforated pages
  • Compatible with many mediums
  • Finely toothed
  • Double spiral binding
  • Easy use the reverse side of the pages
  • Sturdy chipboard cover


  • 60-pound paper

Final Verdict

The Bienfang Sketch Pad has the best paper for colored pencil. The 70-pound paper provides you with a durable drawing surface to let you do your best work. The finely toothed surface grips the pencil firmly to make each coloring stroke count.


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