Best Metallic Colored Pencils: Our Top Picks

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Drawing is a delicate craft that takes time to master and perfect. It also calls on you to have the right drawing pencils to do your best work. While regular colored pencils do a swell job, when you need to go beyond the standard effects, you need something more. That’s where metallic colored pencils come in. This range of gold, bronze, silver, and copper-colored pencils adds a shiny metallic sheen to your images.

They boast a shiny reflective lead that lets you add a polished glow to make your drawings jump out. They have a bit of sheen, which gives artwork a sheer reflective look that changes depending on how you angle the paper. As a rule of thumb, you get the best results when you use metallic pencils on the last layer of your drawing.  Here’s a review of some of the best metallic colored pencils.

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Best Metallic Colored Pencils Reviews

Faber Castell Metallic Colored Eco pencils

Signature brand

Faber Castell is among the most trusted brands in the art supplies scene. The company’s history with colored pencils dates back to 1761. You can trust their ability to produce quality and reliable pencils.


The cartridge in these metallic pencils is specially crafted to resist breakage inside the barrel and when being sharpened. The tips won’t break when you apply a little pressure when looking to achieve a darker shade. Durable and easy to sharpen, these eco-pencils provide you with hours of coloring fun.

Works with Dark Paper

With this range of pencils, you are no longer limited to white and other light-colored papers. Now you can color on dark-colored paper and still have the same results. Faber-Castell pencils will take your creativity to the next level as they inject a dramatic metallic effect on dark-colored paper.


These Eco-friendly colored pencils are made from recycled wood and are acid-free, making them safe for the environment. They are the perfect item for anyone looking for many hours of coloring fun while conserving trees and saving the environment.


Faber-Castell eco-friendly pencils boast highly pigmented leads to not only let you add shine and shimmer to your drawing projects but also keep them tidy. These pencils won’t smudge when working on tricky drawings that call for constant reworking. The smooth nature of the lead makes it easy to blend contrasting colors to let your pictures come alive and look realistic.


  • Signature brand
  • Smudge-free
  • Works on dark-colored paper
  • Breaking resistant
  • Eco-friendly


  • Pencils aren’t labeled

Count Metallic Colored Pencils

Unique Appearance

Count Metallic Pencils are made from dark recycled wood, giving them a unique classy appearance. They make the perfect way to indulge your love for drawing and conserving the environment. Buying these pencils affords you hours of coloring fun while preserving the environment. They are a fun way to preserve trees and champion environmental conservation.

Safe for All Ages

As an environmentally safe product, Count products are free from any harmful or toxic chemicals used in coloring pencils. They don’t contain benzene, toxic colorants, heavy metals, or aromatic amines. That makes them quite kid-friendly. With this range of pencils, you have one less worry when a little one gnaws on the pencil barrel or the lead.

Comfortable to Use

The hexagonal shape makes the pencils an ideal coloring choice for little kids since they won’t roll off the desk. Young kids can enjoy uninterrupted coloring sessions without the frustration of having the pencils rolling on the floor. The dark wood pencil barrel is easy to sharpen, even for little kids, giving them a sense of accomplishment. The anti-breaking qualities of the cartridge see to it that the little ones don’t need to use their sharpeners too much.

Limitless Uses

These colored pencils lend themselves to just about any drawing project you might have going. From doodling, drawing, sketching, or even writing, they can help you get it done flawlessly. If your skills are up to scratch, you can crank out a range of breathtaking birthday and greeting cards, party invitations, and decorations. You can use them to color your scrapbook, or on your arts and crafts projects.


  • Unique black appearance
  • Made from recycled wood
  • A sturdy cartridge that doesn’t break
  • Kid-friendly
  • A broad range of coloring application


  • You won’t get the best results if you use them for regular coloring.

Metallic Colored Pencils

Suitable for All Ages

An ergonomic hexagonal design makes the pencils easy to handle even for little ones. The shiny colors make the pencils a perfect way to indulge a child’s imagination. The lead is soft and smooth enough even in the hand of an inexperienced child. That saves them the frustration of having the drawing paper rip under them as they try to draw.

Vibrant, Beautiful Colors

These metallic pencils come in a rangeThese metallic pencils come in a range of bright, intense pigments with a soft shimmer. They are the perfect choice for anyone whose work can benefit from profound shimmering and metallic effects. They also lend themselves to shading to let you lay it on as thick or as light as you need to achieve the desired results.

Gentle on Paper Medium

The soft lead on these metallic pencils is just strong enough to avoid breaking under pressure and won’t have the paper ripping with each stroke you make. That gives you the freedom to use them on lightweight paper, even 50-pound. paper without creating a mess. They are perfect for layering since they are blendable and buildable.

Smooth Finish

They glide well on paper and won’t give a grainy finish, resulting in excellent work quality. This makes them perfect for small details coloring and are an ideal choice when coloring intricate patterns common in adult coloring books.


  • Vibrant intense colors
  • Smooth and soft lead cartridge
  • Perfect for layering – blendable and buildable
  • Smooth non-grainy finish
  • Kid-friendly


  • Unskilled people are unlikely to get the best results

Final Verdict

Faber Castell Metallic Colored Eco-pencils stand a cut above the rest. These pencils not only come in a vibrant range of colors that shine and shimmer but also work on dark-colored paper. The pencil barrels are made from recycled wood, which goes a long way to promote environmental conservation.


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