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Best Graphite Pencils: Sketch Perfectly!

Best Graphite Pencils
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Every artistic masterpiece starts with drafts and sketches, and the best way to go about it is by using the best graphite pencils. For those who are just starting out with drawing, painting, or other similar media, it is likely that you will begin with sketches. Hence, this kind of pencils.

But then again, finding the best set of graphite pencils is easier said than done. This is because graphite pencils are quite common, which means lots of brands offer them in several types. Do not have to worry, though. For that, you can rely on us to help you out.

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Best Graphite Pencils: Our Top Three Picks

Today, we are going to review three graphite pencil sets to determine which one is the best to get. Are you itching to sketch something? Then keep on reading to find out which graphite pencil to use!

1. Faber-Castell 9000 Graphite Sketch Pencil Set: The Tried and Tested

First up, we have a pencil sketch set that comes with 12 pencils. We branded it the “tried and tested” set because, frankly, when people think about graphite pencils, they think about this brand and they are not wrong for doing so. Let us take a look at its features.

All 12 pencils have different thickness, hardness, and depth, which make them ideal for those who are in the process of learning different drawing and sketching techniques. Quality is also assured because it is made of finely ground clay and graphite.

At the same time, these pencils were made to go on paper smoothly so it will never get scratchy. As for the degree of lead hardness, you can choose from a total of 16 types. This is also the reason why these pencils are the go-to of artists who are fans of shading.


  • Packaging is very light and portable
  • The pencils are all sharpened to a fine point and ready to use
  • Has a lot of variety
  • Harder grades still work very smoothly
  • Keeps their graphite shine for a long time
  • Does not give much pressure against your hands
  • Can relatively stay sharp for a long time


  • Not that great for beginners
  • There can be split barrels near the tip of the pencil
  • Some soft grades produce the same width and darkness
  • Lacks a few soft grades

2. Prismacolor 24192 Premier Graphite Sketching Pencils: Mid-Tone to Dark-Tone

Moving on to another set that is on the run to be called the best graphite pencils is the one from Prismacolor. This set is best to be used when doing mid-tone to dark-tone artwork. This is the case as the make of these pencils were specifically made for those sultry and hazy vibes.

This particular set is also used by professionals, advanced artists, architects, and the likes. It features a versatile range of grades from hards, defaults, and the soft ones. Additionally, you should expect the pencils to have a smooth and velvety run without suffering any amount of intensity.

Further, its cores can resist any breakage and the risk of cracking. The pencils that are included are 2H, 3H, 4H, 5H, 6H, B, HB, F, H, 4B, 3B, and 2B. Accordingly, these pencils can be used by both beginners and professionals and still find that it is easy to sketch or draw, all thanks to its superior quality.


  • The colorless pencil that comes with the set is very helpful
  • Pencil pay off is vibrant
  • Perfect for softening edges
  • Harder degrees can be a bit difficult to work with due to the vibrancy
  • Blends easily
  • Easy to erase
  • Has multiple leads


  • Colors can build up on top of each other too much
  • Lead tends to break easily
  • Soft grades tend to be thicker than the usual
  • Have to be more careful when you want light shading as color goes on heavily
  • Can be hard to sharpen
  • Not that vibrant

3. Tombow 51523 MONO Drawing Pencil Set: The Essentials

Let us now move on to a set of graphite pencils that stripped everything down to the essentials. This is the case because it has a total of 12 pencils with varying degrees. However, the variances between the degrees are far from each other to really give the user a lot of variety.

Its high-density, extra-refined graphite does not include any clay particles. It is encased in hard cedar wood that boasts premium quality. It focuses a lot on the construction of the wood case in that it has certain safeguards against breaking. At the same time, they took into account the ease of sharpening, which is why it has a lead core that is perfectly centered and is adhered all throughout the wood case.

Lastly, the graphite is also resistant to breaking because it has a high point of strength. This also helps to keep the point sharp for longer. The results are more detailed shading and easy blending. As a bonus, a sharpener and an eraser come with the set.


  • Extremely durable
  • Goes on smoothly
  • Can be used a long time before sharpening
  • There is vivid color pay off
  • Comfortable to hold
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Perfect for blending and shading
  • Can be used by both professionals and beginners


  • Inconsistency in terms of packaging
  • Not entirely smudge-proof
  • The case is practically useless
  • Can be too smooth for others
  • Hard to find in-between pencil grades

Which One to Get?

Looking at these graphite pencil sets, which do you think is the most worthy? Honestly, all of the graphite pencils that we reviewed are really good ones. However, if we really had to pick only one, we are going to base it on versatility and ease of use.

With that, we recommend you get the Tombow 51523 MONO Drawing Pencil Set. This is the best pick because it can be used by both beginners and professionals. At the same time, you cannot really beat its quality.

They go on so smoothly, and the wood case is very durable. You really cannot ask for anything else in terms of having a graphite pencil. So, to sketch perfectly, go with the Tombow Pencil Set!

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