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Best Drawing Pens: Drawing The Line

Best Drawing Pens: Drawing The Line
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From the primitive cave etchings of our soon-to-be-forgotten past to the straight lines and curves of unexplainable modern art, humankind has always tried to express his thoughts and emotions through visual displays that may or may not contain more than just a simple message. And, given the age we are in, it should be of no surprise that the best drawing pens have taken center stage, especially when artists explain their drafts and how they came up with their unique execution.

Among modern artforms, caricature drawings hold a special place for the common masses as it is an art form that is easy to appreciate and execute. These seemingly exaggerated portraits of individuals are often portrayed in a comical light with some extending some moral or even sociocultural lessons into the finished drawing.

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Caricature is a simple artform often executed by just a drawing pen and charcoal pencil for the shades and hues but knowing how to stir these instruments into the right direction to create a masterpiece takes patience during practice, taking into consideration that the artist is using the best drawing pens available for use.

Drawing the Line With Three Pens

All the talk about caricature and drawing pens can make one wonder what kind of pens are these and what can they do. Here are three fine examples of drawing pens that may satiate such curiosity.

1. Uchida of America Drawing Pen Set


The Uchida of America drawing pen set comes in a set of 4 black pens, all of which come with 0.3 extra fine tips for those details that normal pens cannot draw. The tips of each pen in the set is made of a microfine synthetic point, and the ink barrel of each is lightweight and yet sleek enough not to be deemed as being bulky in the pocket.


  • Each pen in the set can write smoothly, and their sleek casing is easy to hold, even for a prolonged period.
  • The ink of this drawing pen dries fast and does not blot or bleed through easily.
  • The pen is lightweight and writes letters perfectly. This is great for both drawing and calligraphy.


  • The nibs of these pens are a little bigger than what is specified and can even be considered as a 0.4 or 0.5 tip.
  • The tips of this set are too big for smaller details and may end up drawing thicker lines that what is needed.
  • The materials of these pen sets feel flimsy and not durable. It gives the feeling of being made of low-quality materials.

2. Faber Castell FC167137 Wallet Pitt Pen Nibs Art Set


The Faber Castell FC167137 Wallet Pitt Pen Nibs Art Set comes in a set of 8 line widths in a special case. The ink from each pen in the set is permanent and waterproof, as well as being acid-free and odorless. This prevents smudges once dry and, being from Faber Castell; it also comes in other vibrant colors.

The nibs included in the set has the following widths: 0.1mm, 0.3mm, 0.5mm, 0.7mm, brush width, 1.5 or bullet nib, and soft calligraphy nib. Each has pH neutral ink and has a high resistance to fading.


  • The pens of this set have a great ink flow which is ideal for writing and for drawing subjects that require continuous lines and shading.
  • This pen set goes smoothly on any paper medium and does not leave any track marks, nor does it leave any bleed-through.
  • The variety of nibs included in the set ensure that you would have everything that you need when it comes to drawing or calligraphy.
  • The ink is odorless which makes this pen ideal for kids as well.


  • The ink used in this pen set is not as water-resistant as one would hope. It also runs out easily, especially if used often.
  • The pens can be a little difficult to control when it comes to precise placement of the nibs, but this is not something that would affect the creative process.

3. Pentel Arts Stylo Sketch Pen


The Pentel Arts Stylo Sketch Pen has a flexible nib that can create fine to broad strokes easily. This sketch pen uses a water-based, dye ink that does not fade easily. The cap snaps on tightly to prevent the ink from drying to quickly if left opened for a long period.


  • The variety of lines that the tip can produce is amazing going from broad to fine by just changing how you handle the pen as you go along.
  • This sketch pen can work with other mediums, as well as other kinds of drawing pens.


  • The ink used for the Pentel sketch pen is not as water-resistant as one would hope for and can fade easily after exposure.
  • The ink does run out fast, especially if it is used continuously. It also appears to be thin and watery at times.
  • The tip does not make this pen a good writing pen as using it with a heavy hand can result in traces and bleed-through.
  • The plastic nib tends to spit out ink at the most unfortunate of times.


Among the three variants of drawing pens that were previously listed, the Faber Castell FC167137 Wallet Pitt Pen Nibs Art Set has the edge when it comes to quality and versatility. The eight different nib sizes make it ideal for a variety of tasks while its casing makes it easy to hold and does not tire your hand too much after an extended period of use.

The ink is not that water-resistant, but it does not have any odor, and it does cause any bleed-through no matter how hard you press on the nib. The fact that it also comes in other colors make this pen the ideal drawing pen for both kids and adults.

The Best Drawing Pens

The drawing pen is one art medium that is relatively easy to master, with some artists presenting hyper-realistic creations using some of the pens discussed here. It goes without saying that constant practice and the right tools can make your caricatures come to life faster and zanier than the more popular caricaturist that you can think of.

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